Basic problems in economics?


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the basic problems in economics are as follows

what to produce,this problem rise due to our limited resources to our unlimited economy, the producer try solve these problem by producing the commodity which have the highest demand which will leads higher profit.remember that resources (land labor capital entrepreneurship) are scare or limited.


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following are the 4 basic economics problems- 1 what to produce and how much to produce? 2 how to produce? 3 for whom to produce? 4 how to accelerate economic growth?

Those are problems relating to the basic needs. In economics a psycological needs are salaries, food, shelter, clothing, etc.

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the basic concern of economics is to study the choices people make

basic economics is simply defined as that how we manage our scarce resources

Five Baisc Problems of economics 1) Wat to Produce? 2) In what quantity ti be produced 3) How to Produce? 4) For whom to Produce? 5)How efficiently are the Resources being utilisec??

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A basic problem of economics is pure and simply a concentration of resources in the hand of a tiny group of individuals or corporations that generates most of the time total lack of access by the majority to the fullfilment of their basic needs such food, clothing, housing, healthcare and education or the quality of it.

the basic concepts of economics are scarcity,choice,scale of preference and opportunity cost

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The basic principles of supply side economics focused on lower marginal tax rates and less regulation.

The basic economics are culture, taxes, money, trade, goods and buisness.

The term business economics is used in different ways. Sometimes it is used synonymously with industrial economics/industrial organization, managerial economics, and economics for business.

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A rational self-interest.

there are two three basic sources of islamic economics. which are quran,sunnsh and ijtihadm

1. Being a manager, why should you have some basic understandings about economics?

A basic understanding of Economics plays a fundamental role in achieving success in Business.

The most basic way of saying it is, Physics is science, economics isn't.

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bisiness economics is the study of business related problems using economic techniqes like the study of market knowing the degree of competion prevailing in the market with the help of market structure techniques, the other example can be of the study of deamnd and supply forces. mostly micro econmics is regarded as business economics. it provides solution to basic problems of how to use scarce resource for unlimted wants.

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Wise spending of money, and funding being given to the wrong places. i have 2 out of 3 possibilities. someone else edit and refine this please.

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