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Q: Bee pollen and prenatal vitamins harmful together?
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Related questions

Is it safe to take royal jelly bee pollen and propolis with prenatal vitamins?

It is safe to take royal jelly and propolis with prenatal vitamins. You may be consuming excess levels of some vitamins, like vitamin B but these bee products are just food.

What is the composition of bee pollen?

It is rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins, and contains trace amounts of minerals, elements, amino acids , and enzymes.

How do nectar and pollen contribute to bee nutrition?

Nectar is mainly sugars and water, so provide the bee with carbohydrates, also traces of vitamins and minerals. Pollen is rich in proteins and also provides some fats (lipids) and vitamins.

Can you eat pollen?

Pollen is edible and even sold over the counter as a natural supplement. Bee pollen is known to help alleviate allergies, supply the body with B-vitamins and even give and individual energy.

How can an under-weight seven year old boy grow bigger?

Your boy needs something to increase his appetite if he is under weight for his age. You should try the B vitamins as they will increase the appetite. Make sure you get a good B complex as all the B vitamins work together. You also might try Bee Pollen as it is full of the B vitamins, is more natural, has a sweet taste children like, and completely safe for children. Bee Pollen works very well for children and they like taking it. This will increase his appetite.

What is created when pollen joins together with ovules?

When pollen joins together with ovules, they create a seed. The seed is what will develop into fruits in the plant.

What has lots of vitamins?

Sea Weed, Blue Green Algae, Bee Pollen to name a few.

What eat goldenrod pollen and nectar and its grub it harmful insects?

bees and butterflys

What food provides bees with minerals?

There can be a very small amount of minerals and vitamins (mainly vitamins B and C) in nectar, but this is mainly carbohydrate. Bees also eat pollen, which provides them with protein, lipids, and other vitamins and minerals.

Will bees die without pollen?

Pollen is an essential food for larvae: it is a source of protein, fats, some minerals and vitamins. Honey or nectar on its own is not sufficient because that is mainly carbohydrates.

What do bumble bees do with their pollen?

They eat it! Nectar is mainly sugar, so provides the carbohydrate part of their diet. Pollen provides their protein, lipids, some vitamins and minerals.

When the pollen and egg join together?

They make sex

How do parts of the flower work together?

They work together by collecting pollen and sperm

What flowers work well together?

flowers work together by collecting pollen and sperm

What happens when a nuclei of the pollen and ovules fuse together?

They cannot. The pollen fuses with the egg cells and the ovules turn in to seeds.

What harmful effects does the jacaranda tree have on society?

The harmful effects of the jacaranda tree are based on the fact that all parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested. The pollen may cause an allergic reaction and the plants has spines.

When pollen and seeds join together what is the process called?


What food makes ladybugs grow?

Moist proteins and vitamins are foods that make ladybugs grow. Proteins function as attractions of aphids, mealybugs and thrips for carnivorous ladybug genera. Vitamins serve as draws of pollen for herbivorous ladybug species.

Is bee pollen good for gout?

Gout is a condition in which there are elevated levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. Because of this, crystals of monosodium urate or uric acid are deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues. 'Bee pollen' is just plant pollen which is collected from the bees as they enter the hive. Bees feed pollen to their larvae because it is a source of protein. It also contains many minerals and vitamins -- notably potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, maganese, copper and the B vitamins. Some alternative therapists may disagree, but I can't see how it would help gout. However, if you feel it will help, I am sure it would do no harm.

What is the place where pollen develops and is stored called?

Pollen is produced on the anther. The anther is supported by a long filament. The filament and anther together is called the stamen.

What is the process called when pollen and ovules join together in a plant?


What are non harmful antigen?

Antigens are substances that incite your immune system to respond by producing antibodies. They include both foreign substances, such as pollen, and substances made by the body. Ones made by the body are non harmful.

Where does vitamin e come from?

Im doing some homework about vitamins and the only things ive found that you can get vitamin E from is bee pollen and Royal jelly.

Does honey comb have any vitamins in it?

The comb itself is beeswax which has no significant nutritional value. The honey and pollen it may contain may have low levels of vitamins, the highest of which would be a small amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in honey from flowers of the citrus family.

What is the part of a plant that is a pollen-producer?

In flowering plants, ANTHERS produce the pollen. Anthers are held by a FILAMENT and together the two form a structure called a STAMEN. A stamen is part of a flower.