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Before the pyramids what shape was the tomb?

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The shape of a tomb has varied throughout history. The customs and conventions as well as the capability and facility of a people determine the shape of a tomb. And they can exhibit a fairly wide range of characteristics. The word 'tomb' comes from the word 'tumulus' which the Greek's used to denote the mound of dirt covering a grave.

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What was the function or purpose to make pyramids?

The pyramids were mostly created as a protection for the body in a tomb. The shape provided protection because they were very steep, and the pyramid itself was filled with a maze of pathways and traps to protect the body and tomb.

What shape is the Egyptian tomb?

Egyptian tombs used to be built in square-based pyramids. Eventually, they used tombs under the ground which were labyrinthine in shape.

Whose tomb in the pyramids was not robbed by tomb robbers?

king tut

How many pyramids did Tutankhamun build?

he built no pyramids he was buried in a rock tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The last pyramid was built about 300 years before he was born.

What do the pyramids provide?

The pyramids in Egypt provided a tomb for the deseased Pharaoh. Pyramids provided immortality in the afterlife.

Why the pyramids built?

The pyramids are like a tomb for the Pharaoh and his treasures. When the Pharaoh dies he is mummifies with his treasure in the pyramids.

Were the Egyptian pyramids used for mummification?

No, the mummification took place elsewhere before the mummy was placed in the pyramid or tomb.

What were the pyramids made for?

They were built as a tomb for the Pharaohs

What was an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb called?


Is the great sphinx a tomb like the pyramids?


What pyramids were built during Tutankhamun rule?

None. Not all pharaohs built pyramids. He has a beautiful tomb and statues. Pyramids were impractical as tombs as they were impossible to miss and thus east targets for tomb robbers.

What is an everyday example of a pyramid?

Examples: A pyramids, person shape like pyramids, foods shape like pyramids etc

What is a grave for ancient pharohs?

A tomb. Some had pyramids.

What did the pyramid represent?

the pyramids represented the pharaohs tomb

What shape is a tomb of Egyptian rulers?

The original tombs were rectangles, known as bastabas. The dead were buried beneath them. Soon, the rectangle was changed to pyramids. Later tombs were dug beneath the ground with no particular shape.

Did Egyptians build pyramids way before the pharaoh died as its tomb?

Well,yes because where else would they put the mummy?

Did Cleopatra get a pyramid?

No, Cleopatra was buried in a tomb. The pyramids had gone out of fashion for royal burials thousands of years before Cleopatra's time.

Why are pyramids related to Ancient Egypt?

The pyramids were tombs of pharaohs and their wives. They were quite an early form of tomb.

What are the Giza pyramids why are they called Giza pyramids?

The Giza Pyramids was a burial tomb for king Afrititi and they are called that because they were built in Giza,Egypt

Where is Khufu's tomb?

It is one of the pyramids located in Giza, Egypt.

What was the purpose of egyptians pyramids?

A tomb for the dead pharoes to "live" in.

Were you used to be allowed to go in te pyramids of giza?

No it was a tomb.

Whose tomb is pyramids of Giza?

They are the tombs of several people

Are there real tomb under pyramids?

sometimes if something accured there

What is the primary purpose of the Egyptian pyramids?

There are essentially a kind of tomb.