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Beijos - "Kisses"

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Q: Beijos means in English
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What does Beijos saudades mean in English?

Beijos means kisses, and saudades means that you miss him/her

What is the Portuguese 'Sempre OS beijos' in English?

"Kisses, always" is an English equivalent of "Sempre os beijos."Specifically, the adverb "sempre" means "always." The masculine plural article "os" means "the." The masculine noun "beijos" means "kisses."The pronunciation is "SEHM-pree oozh BEH-zhoosh" in Portugal and according to the carioca accent of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What does Beijos meu amor mean in English?

Kisses, my love.

What does Bejos mean in English?

'Beijos' is portuguese for kisses. 'Beijinhos' would be for little kisses.

What Brazilian mean by BJOS?

It's short for "beijos" which means "kisses". Guys and Girls usually say that before saying bye.

How do you say beijos molhados in Portuguese?

Portuguese - Beijos molhadosEnglish - Wet kisses.

What does beijos mean?


What is kisses in Portuguese?


How do you say 'kisses' in portugues?


What actors and actresses appeared in Beijos de Amor - 1908?

The cast of Beijos de Amor - 1908 includes: Eduardo Baron

How do you say kisses in Brazilian Portuguese?

Beijos !

How do you say I need your kisses in Portuguese?

Preciso dos seus beijos