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Call Browning or check the serial number on their website if it is up.


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You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

The Browning was built in 1968 on a long extractor FN Mauser action. The Leupold scope was built prior to 1974.

No- but if you find the serial number on the pistol, go to the Browning website. Browning has seachable production records based on model numbers, and serial numbers within that model.

The prefix of 4T indicates that you have a Browning auto rifle in 22 long rifle that was made in the year 1964.

Browning has quite good sn data on their website under customer service.

A detailed description is needed. Is it a hand gun or a long gun? Revolver or Semi-auto? Bolt, pump, single shot or semi-auto rifle/shotgun? Serial number?

15-2500 USD depending on exactly what you have. has manuals you can request or download

Get the serial number off it and go to Browning's website.

The W818878 is not recognized. 70B30095 is a number for a Browning Lever action .22 rifle. Use the link to find value

Browning made .22 rifles AND pistols- you did not tell us what you have. The Browning website, customer service, has historical data for many Browning firearms by serial number. See if your model is listed. If not email Browning.

Impossible to value a gun with no other information provided

Please check to see if there is a Letter,number combination ahead of the actual serial number.This could be P2,or T7 etc.This could also be a single letter and 2 numbers also.All 22 cal pistols that were made in Belgium from 1959-1975 are so marked.

It is a Browning .22 semi automatic rifle simply called ".22 semi-auto rifle". Made in 1963. Yours is chambered for .22 long rifle cartridges

Your FN made browning 22 was produced in 1961.that being said these FN made 22,s are going for 250 dollars for a specimen in 60% original condition(assuming this a grade I model) up to 500 dollars with a 90% original finish.

Is it a bolt, pump or semi-auto? What are the markings on it? Serial number? Are you saying the only engraving is around the trigger? None on the receiver? Without knowing these answers, you might be in a 200-2000 price range.

100-1000 depending on specifics, condition, finish, box, papers, accessories, engraving, etc..

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