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Bell expressvu remote codes for a toshiba television?

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To set Bell remotes and other Universal Remotes to TV

# Press "TV" button on remote for 3 seconds or until the remote leds all light up.

# Enter unit 3 digit code. *check web link and search document using CTRL+F for brand ie."Toshiba"* (516, 590, 596, 617, 618, 631)

# Press "#" ensure the "TV" button FLASHES 3 times. # Test the remote by pressing power, channel up, mute, tv/video, power off WEB LINK FOR CONTROLLER MANUAL *CODES*

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Bell Expressvu remote codes for a LG television?

try using the remote search, or try the goldstar codes, they are reported to work

Bell expressvu remote codes for a Panasonic television?

bell icon with a line through it

What is the toshiba tv code for onn universal remote control?

There are several codes for a Toshiba TV universal remote control. The codes are dependent upon the model of the Toshiba TV. The most common Toshiba TV code is 0025.

Bell expressvu remote codes for a ACER television?

Try 507,511,710 worked for me Acer LCD

Who makes fluid TVs?

If your are looking for Fluid TV Remote codes try Toshiba...Most of there codes work.

What are the codes to program a Zenith MBR 3455 universal remote for Toshiba TV?

What are the codes to program a zenith mbr3455 universal remote for a zenith DVD player

What are the bell expressvu remote codes for hisense lcd19w57dca?

I have a 32" LCD Hisense TV and code 678 worked for me. I used the scan and then checked what the code was. Hope you got your TV working.

What are the att you-verse remote control codes for an vizio lcd tv?

for vizio 1004 for toshiba 1009

Does Samsung make Fluid TVs?

The Source manager thought so , but it is Toshiba remote codes that mostly worked with mine.

Code to use remote model URC20-D1F for Toshiba TV? codes from book, but cannot get this to work with any tv in the house

What is the Emerson Jumbo Remote Control code for a Toshiba TV?

I also have a Toshiba TV...the codes listed in the flyer supplied are... 013 049 098 105 109 117 118 120 159 178 109 was the correct one for my specific model of Toshiba TV

What is the remote control code for Toshiba TV model 27A32?

I used 0094 but unfortuneately universal remotes sometimes have there own codes.

What are the bell expressvu remote codes for hisense lcd40v57ca tv?

The support person at Hisense gave me the device code of 748 The support person at Bell Expressvu gave me the device code of 759. The Hisense web site as follows; supplies me with device codes 178, 10019, 505 and 627 depending on your provider none of these seem to work on my lcd40v57ca tv. If they work on yours let me know.

Bell expressvu 3100 remote codes for HT 3916 Durabrand home theater system?

i have a burabrand home theater system ht-3916 how do i install it to my emerson flat screen tv

What is the Brookstone jumbo universal remote code for a toshiba tv?

The Toshiba codes are: 006 119 021 024 025 027 084 089 090 115 125 133 and 150

What is remote code for dish network ViP722 for Toshiba DVD player?

The remote codes for a Toshiba DVD player are listed below! Codes: 590, 680, 684, 688, 567, 584, 534, 535

What are the codes for a Philips universal remote for a quasar tv?

What is the codes for a quasar tv with a phillps universal remote

Bell expressvu remote codes for a viewsonic television?

You could try these:525, 566, 651, 652, 655, 656, 671, 690, 723, 724, and 729That's from the Viewsonic site. Hope it works!

Bell expressvu codes for a dynex television?

The code for the Dynex 32"lcd TV dx-32L152A11 on bell Express tv is 720 #. that is the code that worked for me

Codes for Newstar universal tv remote?

There are hundreds of codes for the Newstar universal TV remote. The codes for the Alleron television is 051. The codes for Audiovox is 053. The codes for Bradford is 053. There are many websites that offer these codes.

Need universal remote codes?

need the codes for universal remote for Haier tv

What are dish network codes for a toshiba tv?

The Dish Network codes for a toshiba TV are: 516, 590, 617, 631, 635, 667, 680, 683, 688, 750, 771

Where can you find sky remote tv codes?

You can find Sky Remote TV codes at the Sky official website. They list all the codes for several different brands of televisions. If you cannot find the codes there, then your television may not be supported.

What are TV codes for Philips PM 3S remote?

codes for a Philips pm-3s remote

What are the Sharp TV remote codes for a Motorola universal remote?

Hi Dear, These are the codes fore sharp TV 011,,034,049,058,181,20,216,226

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