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Best colour combination for formal clothes?


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May 13, 2010 6:06AM

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That would depend on the situation. However I would say that a good guide is looking at what other formal dressers wear and what looks good. Take for instance Elizabeth Taylor.

Signature colours Navy Blue and white. Doesn't make too strong a statement, is elegant, but not quite as boring as Black and white. Also can be matched with a coloured tie or scarf if you want to add a bit more colour.

I would say that the other good thing with Navy is that it suits everyone.

I don't think black is boring, if you wear it right! Black as a base color and a bright statement color work well, like a black cocktail dress with a wide yellow, red or blue belt with matching heels for example. Browns, tans and light cream colors are always a great mix and if you mix metallics, don't over do it. golds work well with browns, black and creams. Silvers are mixed best with cool colors and light pastel blues and purples. Just have fun and try to avoid looking like a birthday clown with polka dots and stripes!