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Supr girls

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Q: Best group names for 12 years girls?
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Who is the best girl group in the world?

☆girls' generation☆

What are the best lads names?

Well Names Dont Really Matter To Girls. The Thing Girls Are Into Guys Are Their Personality And Apperience And Who They Are, Not No Name.. But If You Would Like To Know Which Are The Best Lads Name Is: Jasson, Nelly, Passion, Norman, Kimelia, Pasjon. Girls Like The Kinda Names That Are Romantic Or Sexuall..

What is a good name for the popular girls?

I think that the best names for popular girls are: Britney, Zoe ,Mishell ,Shiri.......

What are the best girls names?

The best girl names i can think of are Katy, Brooke, Paris, Isabelle, Shanae, Kim, Olivia, Natasha, Natalie, Christine and suzi and maybe alexa

What are some opinions on Girls Aloud?

They did their business as a pop group for at least seven consecutive years, five albums, two best-of, some tours. That's all, great tunes.

Is TLC the best selling girl group?

TLC are the third best selling girl group of all time. According to record sales, The Spice Girls are the best selling girl group in music history with sales in the region of 66 Million. TLC have sold around 45 Million, behind Destiny's Child (50 Million) and Spice Girls (66 Million) TLC's album CrazySexyCool is the best selling album of all time in the USA by a female group.

If a group of boys is called a gang then what is a group of girls called?

They are called "clicks." Sometimes spelled funny like "qulick," "kliqe," or "clique."A group of girls is called a bevy. (check with "the students companion" by Wilfred D. Best)

Is Girls Aloud an rnb singer?

nooo! girls aloud are the best selling UK girl group ever, even bigger than the spice girls. Google them!!!

How many girls r in the omg group?

2 r in the group cause they kicked Lolo and Ariel out of the group cause they were to young and left the older ones in the group witch r star- the best,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Beaty the one I think is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the omg girls

Who are the BRAGS?

BRAGS are a group of girls that I made up... they are a best friend group stands for Betina, Rachel, Annie, Grace and Sarah ~Alexludwigluvr5126~

There is a group of girls they all are best friends and you want to be with them but your so shy to tell them what should you do?

The first question you must ask yourself is why do you want to to be apart of the group? Are they nice girls? If these girls are best friend then it will be hard to be a part of the group. Is there one girl of this group that you have common interest with? If so I would try to befriend her. If you don't have anything in common with at least one, then I would ask myself the first question above. If you can become a good friend with one of them then she will bring you into the group.