Bill Gates first invention

Updated: 9/15/2023
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he found a software

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Q: Bill Gates first invention
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What was the first invention of Bill Gates?

some cheese

Who was the first American to contribute to the invention of computers?

bill Gates

What year did Bill Gates first come up with his invention?

When Bill Gates and Paul Allen was hacking computers at Lakeside Elemantary.

What did Bill Gates did do after the invention?

get rich

Did bill gates steal his partners invention?


How Bill Gates invention was known?

there became popular

How did Bill Gates meet his wife?

during a computer invention for microsoft

Who inevnted Microsoft?

Microsoft is not an invention, it is a company. Bill Gates founded Microsoft.

What is Bill Gates real first name?

Bill Gates Real First Name Is lamanu Cafod Vekun

What is Bill Gates's real name?

Bill Gates Real First Name Is lamanu Cafod Vekun

What was the first thing Bill Gates invented?

Bill Gates was hired to virtualy make a coumputerized schulde of classes for his school

How old was Bill Gates when Windows was first released?

Bill Gates was 30 years old when Windows 1.0 was first released.