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Q: Biomass and fossil fuel Does one energy source have more benefits and fewer cost than others?
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What are other energy besides fossil fuels?

Fossil fuel is not energy its a energy source and yes there is more energy sources besides the fossil fuel like coal and others.

What kind of energy is most used in the US?

About 85% fossil fuels. That 85% is about even split between coal, oil, and natural gas. About 10% is nuclear energy, and the rest is a mixture of various other types, including biomass, wind, solar and others.

Is geothermal energy an example of an alternative energy?

yes, along with many others (biomass, solar, tidal, wind)

What are 3 alternative energy sources to fossil fuels?

There is a source of energy that is more friendly to the environment that has not been looked into yet such as using the force from the waves to power everything that fossil fuels are being used currently to power and you could use wind power as well to make a better alternative to fossil fuels

What is the aiternate sources of energy being practised globally for the future when there will be no more fossil fuels?

The alternate resources used and practised globally are : Some well known alternative fuels include bio diesel, bio-alcohol (methanol, ethanol, butanol), chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells), hydrogen, non-fossil methane, non-fossil natural gas, vegetable oil, and other biomass sources. Others may be : Solar power Wind power Water energy Geothermal energy

What are sources of energy that do not come from fossil fuels?

Wind, water, solar and many others.

Explain why some areas of the earth experience an energy surplus while others experience an energy deficit?

Are you referring to fossil fuels or solar energy?

What energy sources produce no greenhouse gasses?

Renewable energy sources produce no greenhouse gases.Examples are solar, hydro, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal, biomass, biofuel and others.

What devices use fossil fuels as an energy resource?

Power plantsVehiclesLawn mowersShipsMotor bikes and many others

How you will derive energy to run your machines where there are no fossil fuels?

From renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and many others.

What are the types of alternative energy's?

Wind, solar, hydro-electric, biomass and waste to energy plants, wave energy, geothermal and nuclear are a few alternative energy sources among others. All of these have a "net zero" carbon footprint.

Where is biomass used?

Biofuel, biodiesel, or ethanol. biofuel is a general term. biodiesel and ethanol are types of biofuel. There are other types as well, but no others have really made it past scientific testing stages yet.