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Blisters on stomach?

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Blisters on the stomach can be caused by an allergic reaction, irritation between the folds of the skin, a viral infection or some type of biting from an insect. Blisters are a raised portion of the skin, similar to bumps, but may be filled with fluid.

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What should you do if you have lots of tiny blisters on your stomach?

My tiny red blisters are 3 on my stomach. They form a triangle. Is this a sign of something?

What can cause white blisters inside your stomach I had an endoscopy and they showed up?

drinking hot drinks

I developed blisters on my tongue as well as an upset stomach. I just completed a Z pack for an upper respiratory illness and I take Allegra for my allergies. What can I do to treat the blisters?

you really need to speak to your doctor

What is it when a 1 yr old has red blotches on stomach with small bumps?

i think its blood blisters or somethin grose like that

What is a sentence for blisters?

He had blisters on both feet after the marathon.His skin blisters in the heat.

Can chlamydia cause blisters?

Chlamydia does not cause blisters. Herpes can cause blisters.

The blisters that are found in your genital area are also found on your legs and stomach can herpes be found in these areas?

Yes herpes can be found in those areas.

How do you get blisters on your hands?

You can get blisters from a variety of things. You can get blisters from simply playing sports after a couple hours.

Is all blisters Herpes?

No not all blisters are herpes. Some are just water blisters from chaffing, some types of eczema can also cause blisters.

How do you get blisters?

You can get blisters by wearing ill fitting shoes.

What STD can cause blisters?

Herpes will cause blisters.

Are fever blisters herpes?

Fever blisters are oral herpes.

Do you get fever blisters from boys?

You can get fever blisters from boys or girls.

Can cuts turn into blisters?

there is no way cuts can turn to blisters

Can riding gloves give you blisters?

No, only if they are too loose-fitting would they give you blisters. Tight-fitting gloves or gloves that fit your hand just perfect should not give you blisters, as they're supposed to protect your hands from getting blisters, not give blisters.

What causes fever blisters?

Fever blisters are caused by the herpes virus.

What are fever blisters caused from?

Fever blisters are caused by the herpes virus.

What do lumps blisters and warts have in common?

What do lumps blisters and warts have in comments

Can you have herpes and not have any blisters?

Yes it is possible to have herpes and not have any blisters.

What if shingles do not form blisters?

In shingles, blisters do not form all the time.

Can a person infect another with chickenpox if they have unopened blisters?

Yes, chickenpox is contagious from before the blisters show up until all blisters are scabbed over. It is contagious with both closed and open blisters.

Can working out cause fever blisters?

Working out won't cause fever blisters.

Do antibiotics help fever blisters?

Antibiotics don't help fever blisters.

Are all cold sores blisters?

yes they are blisters that someone maybe gave to you.

What are the symptoms of pemphigus vulgaris?

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of pemphigus vulgaris are blisters on your skin and mucus membranes. It typically begins with blisters in your mouth, followed by blisters erupting on your skin. The blisters do not itch but may interfere with eating.