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Go and see a doctor.

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Q: Blood comes out before sperm why?
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What comes before sperm?

if you are talking about the process to form a baby inside the womb nothing comes before sperm it is there from the beginning

What is the color of your blood before it comes out of your veins?

the color of your blood before it comes out of your veins is blue

What does it mean when blood comes out of a mans sperm's?

It means you need to go to the ER

Can you get hiv from swallowing the water that comes before the sperm?

Yes, that is possible.

What is the liquid that comes out before sperm?

Pre ejaculation which works as lubrication but can also contain sperm. Whether a guy has it or not is individual.

Is there a link between platelet donation and a mans sperm count?

No connection at all. Platelet donation comes from a blood donation which has no link to sperm count.

Can immature sperm fertilize en egg?

If you have reached puberty the sperm is mature. Before puberty you have semen but no sperm. To see if the sperm is no good when it comes to impregnate someone that can only be seen in a microscope.

Is it true that the blood of a child comes from the sperm from the father and not the mother?

No. The child is a unique mix of both of its parents.

How sperm comes out?

sperm comes out when you have sex,or when you watch sexual videos.or masturbate.

Why blood comes with sperm?

If you mean there is blood when you ejaculate, or "come", there shouldn't be. Go and see a doctor. It's probably something minor, but you need to get it checked.

Can a 9 year old have sperm?

Sperm comes into the semen when you reach puberty, not before. Semen can be there and you might be able to ejaculate but unless the 9yo has entered puberty he can not.

How do you know when sperm comes out?

If you are a women and you want to know when the sperm comes out look for gestures and movement of your male partner if you are a male you will know when the sperm comes out because you can fell it

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