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you are swingers just go with it.


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a symbiotic relationship in partners is where both partners benefit from each other and it is stable....

I hate to be the one to tell you this but after one of the partners have cheated there is always going to be some distrust in the relationship. its not likely that the relationship will be as strong as it was before the cheating took place.

Yes, both partners can have chlamydia.

Yes, if both parties have admitted their faults to each other, there can be a relationship still for the two, but it still won't be easy, as there is a trust issue.

When both partners are ready to commit to one another.

Jesse was caught cheating, so Sandra ended the relationship. Jesse also cheated on his previous partners before he was married to Sandra.

A permanent relationship is one that both partners intend to make last for the rest of their lives.

Both parties benefits in a relationship. sharing love between the partners make them happy.

Presumably no. Both partners need to be understanding of what it means to have lupus and they need to be well-versed in managing the condition. In a mature relationship where both partners support each other, lupus would be a 'bump in the road' but would not derail the strong relationship.

It is where both partners benefit from the affair. In other words, both enjoy the time spent.

Yes, Tegan and Sara are both lesbian. Are they partners? No, they are not partners; they are sisters. lol. They're twins (to be exact). Tegan is in a relationship with Lindsey Byrnes. Sara is in a relationship with Stacy Reader.

no the pressure of bankruptcy can effect both partners in a relationship

if your girlfriend cheated,you should end the relationship

Business and trade partners. Also both are neighboring each other.

It depends how good the relationship is and how much both partners trust each other.

What defines a normal relationship, Many people with HIV, and AIDS continue to have relationships but must change there behaviors to protect not only themselves but also their partners, The stress involved for both partners is huge,

We both know cheating is wrong. If you cheated you probably aren't right for each other and clearly should break up. If your relationship doesn't have honesty and respect what does it have!?!

Age affects you because you both wants different things

TRUST!! If you don't trust your partner it will be hard to have a relationship. Any relationship you are all comes down to if you trust him/her. We both cheated on each other and we told the truth and now we have been together for a year, are engaged, and couldn't be any happier. If you want to be with him/her..there has to be honesty and trust between the two of you. Hope I helped. =]

They usually don't but it all depends on the commitment, trust, and honesty both partners have in the relationship.

You can avoid getting cheated on by taking initiative. You have to be the one to make the relationship fruitful.

Divorce can be an advantage when a relationship causes distress for one or both partners. Divorce can free both parties and allow them to sever painful ties.

when both partners communicate together and listen to each other. They dont talk or text any ex's and you never lose communication what so ever. they dont have sex until both partners are truly ready.

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