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If a girls belly is lower its a girl . and if a girls belly is higher then its a boy. that's how you can tell if its a boy or girl just by looking at her belly.

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Q: Boy or girl baby by belly shape?
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How can you tell if a baby is a girl or boy?

If the baby is in the womb: Go to the doctor and he will stick a needle in your belly.

Who makes the baby boy girl or boy?

Boy and girl but girl carry the baby and the gives the sperm

Will her baby be a girl or a boy?

I think it maybe a girl but im not sure could be a boy!

How can you tell te sex of baby rabbits?

well if you rub i belly and you feel round thing it is a girl if you don't than it is a boy

Does achy on the belly button means a girl baby?

No. It doesn't mean it's a boy either. The belly button is very sensitive and it can ache during pregnancy, it's normal. Especially if the baby kick against it from the inside. You can't see if it's a boy or a girl by some signs, it's all old wives tales.

How do tell if a ferret is a girl or boy?

Look on the tummy. If you see a "belly button", then it is a boy. (Hint: it's not really a belly button) If not, then it's a girl.

What do you need to have a baby on meez?

go to the search bar at the right hand side of the screen and then put in baby girl, baby girl with boy, baby boy with girl, or baby boy

Dose Bella have a baby boy or a baby girl?

a baby girl

Is Baby Rox a boy or a girl?

Baby Rox is a girl.

Is the baby featured in the HP commercial a baby boy or baby girl?

A baby girl.

How do you know if your bearede dragon is a girl or a boy?

a boy has two bumps on its belly under its legs. but a girl has one

Is Jennifer Hudson's baby a boy or girl?

Is a handsome baby boy