Boys wearing skirts

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Kilts or skirts in general? Makes a little difference, but not much. It is really no different then girls wearing pants. For the most part it is someone trying to get attention or upset a parent, not because they like skirts.

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Not sure what your question is, but if it's the old "if I like to wear skirts am I gay?" thing, no. Lots of heterosexual men are into wearing women's clothes. It's a whole different thing called "transvestitism" (trans -- across, and vestite -- one who wears)

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Q: Boys wearing skirts
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What are the socs known for wearing?

They are known for wearing..... Girls-Skirts, sweaters,curly hair Boys- Khaki pants, sweaters

Should all boys begin wearing skirts instead of pants now that girls are wearing the pants?

Yes all boys/men should ( be able to ) wear dresses and skirts . Much more comfortable and cool then even a pair of shorts !

Why do men in haiiwiia wear skirts?

because they know that this is the best form of clothing to wear and we men boys should be following them and wearing skirts as well we'd all be better off and healthier

What is Miley Cyrus favorite things?

nothing.she is only interested in boys and wearing mini skirts.

What does the children wear in Fiji?

girls grass skirts boys sometimes grass skirts on special occasions.

What do Indonesians wear?

short skirts and dresses to impress boys ;)

Can guys wear skirts in public?

Yeah, it's ok for a guy to wear a skirt in public. I really don't see what the big deal is. Girls should not laugh at boys for wearing a skirt, it's not fair to restrict peoples fashion and its not fair for girls to wear what they like and boys can't. In Scotland, men wear kilts (sp?) which look like skirts, and there's nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

What did babies dress like in colonial period?

Both boys and girls wore gowns, called shifts, and pudding caps to protect their head before walking. When they were 5 or 6, boys started wearing breeches and shirts. Girls of course wore dresses and skirts their entire life.

What did boys wear in the nineteenth century?

In the nineteenth century, boys typically wore shirts, trousers, and jackets made of sturdy fabrics like wool or cotton. Younger boys often wore dresses or skirts until they were old enough to start wearing pants. Accessories such as hats, gloves, and boots were also common additions to their attire.

Do girls like it when boys look up their skirts?

No, they find it offensive and annoying.

What are some examples of Philippine clothing and shelter?

Philippine clothing is almost the same with other country as well. Girls are wearing skirts (mini, micro, etc.), blouses, t-shirts same with boys as well. People from Philippines mostly wearing casual wear even going to work because of the climate.

Do boys like girls who wear dresses skirts or just pants and a nice shirt?

Boys SHOULD like for who you are but boys being boys would like girls to wear skirts because if the skirt looks good on you boys are gonna pray to trip and have a look under your skirt so go for the skirt its sexi and they love it when you try to look and be sexy. xD