British and Norwegian are

Updated: 9/27/2023
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a proper noun

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Q: British and Norwegian are
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What does Norwegian food taste like?

norwegian food tastes dfferent to the british food

Are the vikings French or British?

Neither. They were Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Is the word British and Norwegian noun?

It is not a noun

Is josh wall related to a norwegian hamster?

A Norwegian Hamster is a made up name for rat from the British TV comedy series Fawlty Towers

Which airline offers flights to Aalborg from London?

British Airways, Norwegian Air and KLM offer flights to Aalborg from London. Norwegian Airlines is the only one that offers a direct flight. The other two airlines have a connection.

What are the names of some of the ships from norwegian cruise line?

Norwegian Cruise line currently has 11 ships in service, with 2 more being added in the next few years. There is one American ship, called Pride of America. The others are all Norwegian ships: Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Sun, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Spirit, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jade, and Norwegian Epic.

How do you say teenager in norwegian?

The word for teenager in Norwegian is "tenåring".

What is the Norwegian word for what?

"What" is Hva in Norwegian

Is Harold godwinson norwegian?

Harold Godwinson is not Norwegian. He was a full Englishman. Harald was the Norwegian.

Do norwegian women like british men?

It depends on the woman. Everyone is different. To assume all women are straight or are the same makes you very discriminative.

Use Norwegian in a sentence?

Sven was a Norwegian.

What nationality was roald amunsen?

Norwegian Norwegian