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No. It means that you have a uti

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Q: Brown discharge 2 days before regular periods can be pregnant?
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My periods are not regular before 2moths but in June i have crossed my periods date im pregnant?

ask your GP or get a cheap pregnancy test from your local pharmacy or shop and if you are pregnant congratulations

What Can I Use Have Some Amount Of Discharge Just Before My Period But It Leaves My Panties Wet?

Yes, some women experience vaginal discharge just before periods but regular sanitary pads are not needed. So you can use liners. They protect well for this kind of a discharge.

What are the symptoms before getting periods?

Discharge, cramps and pain.

White discharge before periods?

It gets whiter and thicker when you ovulate.

If you are pregnant will you get your periods next month?

If u r pregnant you will not get periods next month. it's dam sure. But there is a sign called 'implementaion bleeding' dat is you will get a slight discharge of brown color which is different from normal periods. it will be like a stain not a heavy flow of blood. There will not be regular body pain or abdomon pain during this implementation bleeding. This is often confused as periods. Such implementation will go for 1 day or 2 dats all. Even you need not use napkin also. This is a sign dat you are pregnant. Before missing your period you can confirm this as this implementation bleeding normally occurs before the expected period date.

Is black discharge before periods related to pregnancy?

no, black discharge can be a sign of a prolapse in the vaginal wall - get this checked out

Is it normal to get pink discharge just before periods due?

Yes it is normal.

Is brown discharge a week before your period means that you are pregnant?


Can a toddler get pregenant?

no a toddler can not get pregnant as you have to have started your periods before you can become pregnant

How do you know when you are fertile enough to get pregnant?

after you have finished with your periods and before the next periods starts .

Are you pregnant when you have white menstruation before your menstruation period?

it is called discharge

You had intercourse on 21st day after your last periods my periods were regular Is there any chance that you will get pregnant?

YES 1 week before....during....1 week after is the "safe Time) called the rythem method or the middle fortnight in your period cycle.