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it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

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โˆ™ 2008-06-25 04:47:44
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Q: Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?
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What are the signs of implantation?


Can slimy discharge with little blood and brown dried up in it be implantation?


What would cause Cramping and light brown discharge 2 weeks before my period is due?

this could be implantation bleedin take a home pregnancy test when your period is due if it doesnt arrive

Will you have brown discharge for days if you have implantation bleeding?

Yes, it very well can be implantation bleeding, it is usually lighter than a period.

What is the difference between implantation cramping and menustration cramping?

Implantation cramoing is more in the upper perinium and the menstrual cramping is more in the perinial area.

What could be the meaning of a pinching sensation in your abdomen and a brown-pinkish discharge?

The pinching in your abdomen could be the feeling of implantation cramping. You could be pregnant. When implantation happens you will also see a brownish, sometimes pink, discharge. It usually isn't very much, but still it's there. You should make an appointment with your doctor to confirm or deny.

Does implantation cause bleeding and cramping?


Is there cramping with implantation?

A little bit

Can brown discharge for 3 days be implantation spotting?

Yes, I believe it can. I have not had implantation but 2 friends have (1 had it 3 times) yes

What could it mean cramping and brown discharge after period?

cramps after a period are a regular thing. But having brown discharge?? You should probaly go see a doctor about it.

Can one time brown discharge then every day after that with slight cramping and excessive discharge be a sign of very early pregnancy?

no you have gonorreah

Can you have implantation discharge instead of implantation bleeding?


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