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Bruce Lee died from a heart attack caused by an allergic reaction to an over the counter pain killer in an ambulance. RIP Little Dragon

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When did Bruce Lee die?

Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973 at the age of 32.

Did Bruce Lee die from hash?


What did Bruce Lee die of?

brain edema

What year did Bruce Lee die?


Where did Bruce Lee die?

Hong Kong

How old when Bruce Lee die?


Did is Bruce lee's wife die?

As of January 2011 Bruce Lee's wife Linda Lee is alive and healthy. Currently she is promoting the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Did Bruce Lee die?

Yes. He died in 1973.

What year did John Lennon Bruce Lee and Elvis die?

Elvis - 1977. John Lennon 1980. Bruce Lee -1973.

How did diophantus die?

Bruce Lee, no further explanation needed.

At what age did Bruce Lee die?

he died in age 79

What year did Bruce Lee die in?

July 20, 1973

How did brucelee die?

Bruce lee dd of a person shot him in the movies

How did Bruce Lee die?

Bruce Lee died from cerebral edema, caused by an abnormal reaction from painkillers Lee took to treat a headache. Brandon Lee, his son, died in the making of The Crow by a fired prop gun.

Did Bruce Lee ever die in any of his movies?

Yes, Bruce Lee died in a couple of his movies. One of them was the First of Fury, though the names were changed around.

Did Bruce Lee die of steriods?

No, he died from an elurgic reaction from a pain killer.

Who would win the fight between Bruce Lee and Jet Li?

i think Bruce lee because jet Li is Wushu and Bruce lee is jet Kune do your wrong. jet li had many fighting styles under his belt. so go die

How ip man die?

Ip man die because Bruce Lee die and Ip man hurt felling

Where could one find out how did Bruce Lee die?

By going to the website dedicated to Bruce Lee you can learn about him and his history and even how Bruce he died in his sleep in Kowloon Tong on July 20th, 1973 at the age of 32 years old.

Did Bruce Lee die of a heart atttack?

No, he did not die of a heart attack. He suffered an allergic reaction to the muscle relaxant (meprobamate) .

Did Bruce Lee smoke weed?

Yes he did. To the previous unintelligent answerer, you can't die from smoking pot. Bruce died from a cerebral hemorrhage which is not related to marijuana at all.

Did Jackie chain die?

You're probably thinking of Bruce Lee or Brandon Lee. They're dead. Jackie Chan is still very much alive.

How did Kung Fu king Bruce li die?

Bruce Li is not yet dead and is still living in 2016. Bruce Lee died in July 1973. He died of a reaction to an over the counter pain medication.

What di Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee die of?

Bruce Lee's younger brother is still alive. Bruce has an older brother named Peter, who was fencing champion. Peter died on September 3, 2008

What did Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee die of?

Karate Chop To The Face! His younger brother Robert Lee is still alive. His other brother who is the oldest Peter Lee is the one that is deceased. He died in 2008.