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In the form of electromagnetic waves through free space at the speed of light

3 x 108 m/s

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Q: By which process does starlight travel though space?
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By which process does starlight travel through space?


Can radiation travel though space?

All types of radiation can travel through space.

What does does sound travel through the fastest?

Space. Not the galaxy type of space, though.

Does gravity travel though empty space?


Is mechanical waves can travel though empty space true or false?

No, mechanical or pressure waves can not travel through empty space

Does heat travel through empty space by conduction?

No, there can't be conduction in empty space. Heat may travel through empty space through radiation, though.

Can travel though empty space?

Yes, you can travel through empty space. The Sun, Earth, moon, satellites, space ships, atoms, and subatomic particles all travel through empty space. Greater than 99.999% of matter is empty space.

What wave can travel though space where there is no matter?

electromagnetic and gravitational waves

What is the name of the music video that had cockroaches and a rat taking off in a space ship at the end of the video?

As far as I remember, the song was called "Starlight"... cant remember the artist though

What can travel though space without a medium?

Light, radiation, radio waves.

How starlight travels through space?

Electromagnetic energy PS: What does this have to do with religion and spirituality?

Electromagnetic waves that can travel though the vacuum of space is called what?

That would be electromagnetic waves.