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The CBC MODEL SB 410 BORE SHOTGUN is made in Brazil and imported by firearms import and export Corp. located in Miami, Florida it is a break-action single shot shotgun
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Q: CBC model SB 410 bore shotgun?
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Where can you get a butt stock for an CBC model SB 410 bore shotgun?

Try, gun show, gun shop, want ad.

How much is cbc model 586 pump shotgun worth?


How old is a 410 shotgun model sb shotgun made in Brazil serial number 903116?

Made by CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos), sold through FIE in Miami (they went out of business in 1990) Manufactured approx 1970-73 Inexpensive shotgun, worth maybe $75 if in good condition....

What is the age of a CBC Model MT-151 shotgun from Brazil?

Maked from 1980's till 1990. From Brasil, CBC. Unexpensive and reliable, good for shot down pigeons or rabbits.

Is a CBC .410 shotgun any good for using on feral pigs What would be the best round to use and at what optimum distance would you shot?

With a slug, maybe. You had better be able to put the slug in the eye at 50 yards.

How do you take apart a CBC pump action shotgun?

You did not say what model, but most common is a licensed copy of the Remington 870. Go to the Remington website, and you can download the 870 Owner's manual.

What is the value of cbc 410 single shot?

i just paid $250 for one in excellent condition seconhand

What is the gauge of a cbc shotgun sn c1305077?

CBC shotguns were made in Brazil and imported for sale by department store chains such as KMart. They are marked as to gauge, typically on the barrel.

How much is a12ga cbc model sb?

About 100 USD

What is the value of a model 722 by cbc?

50-100 or so

What is the history of a cbc shotgun sn 0998193 sb?

South American manufacture, no historical data available.

Is SB42Y a CBC model shotgun?

Yes it is, this specific model # is the .410. No one imports this gun anymore, FIE out of Miami Fla. was the last to do so, I BELIEVE they stopped in the early 1990's as that is when I got mine, and I did not see them much after that. A really clean one in 12ga. may cost about 100. but most of them were miss treated as they where and are cheaply priced guns. However, they are a great deal for the money, work flawlessly are easy to take down and clean, a joy to bring along on a hunting trip.

What is the age and value of a CBC Model 151 12 gauge shotgun sn 16378 from Brazil?

No much, I think. It's a "out of line" gun (discontinued). You can find out it in some dealers about U$50 . But it's a reliable gun, if in good condition.

What is the price of a cbc 22 caliber rifle model GBR 63146?

10-100 usd

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