CGC is AICTE approved

Updated: 12/2/2023
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is cgc ugc approved

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Q: CGC is AICTE approved
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Is CGC gharuanr is UGC or AICTE approved?

yes cgc is approved byn ugc & aicte

Is iase approved by aicte?

is iase is approved by aicte?

Is dina institute aicte approved?

no no no not aicte approved!

Is iete aicte approved?

no IETE is not AICTE approved

Is mjrpuniversity approved by aicte?

is mjrpuniversity approved by aicte?

Is sir mvit aicte approved or not?

Yes it is approved from AICTE

Is it approved by AICTE or UGC?

Is iibm approved by ugc and aicte

ISBF new delhi AICTE approved?

no it is not approved by aicte.

Is imed pune aicte approved or not?

yes, it is approved by aicte

Is bibs kolkata aicte approved?

is eim approved by aicte

Is jrn rvu approved by aicte?

No. JRN RVDU Is not approved by AICTE, But it is approved by UGC.

IS birsa institute of technology and trust is aicte approved or not?

approved by aicte