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Q: C words that mean intelligent smart etc?
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Synonym for logical?

Analytical, intelligent, pertinent, etc.

How do you change a word equation into a problem?

look for key words in the word problem. the word is means = the word less than means < and the word greater than means > taken away, subtracted, deducted, etc. all mean substracted added, given, etc. all mean addidtion the important thing is to look for the key words in the problem, then, make sense of the numbers.

What is the name of symbols used for mathematical processes?

If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".

What is the average IQ of an intelligent person?

This question is impossible to answer, because intelligence as a concept has no universally accepted definition, and even according to suggested definitions, IQ as a measurement does not nearly cover all aspects of intelligence. It doesn't make any sense to try to propose the "average" IQ of an intelligent person, since the mathematical definition of IQ is in fact derived from the cognitive abilities of the average person. However, when discussing the specific kind of intelligence that IQ measures (typically logical, spatial, linguistic skills etc.), anything above the average of 100 could be regarded "more intelligent than average". An IQ of 120 corresponds to being among the 10% most "intelligent" people in the world. 135 corresponds to the 1% most "intelligent" etc.

What 3 letter words appear in the bible?

the, its, why, etc

Related questions

What is witty?

That means that someone is a smart person who is able write or say clever, intelligent and, to a degree, sharp phrases, remarks etc.

What words do you use to describe a friend that starts with an I?

Intelligent, incomparable, interesting, innocent, influential, etc. are a few.

How intelligent are monkeys?

Yes lemurs are very intelligent. Lemurs are primates, related to gorillas chimps etc. So yes lemurs are amazingly intelligent.

Can you gave many example of synonyms?

A word that means the same or almost the same as another word... E.G: 'Large' and 'great' 'Fast' and 'quick' 'Smart' and 'intelligent' 'Small' and 'tiny' ETC...

What is a Stronger adjective instead of very?

You might mean the adverb 'very.' Synonyms that are stronger include extremely, exceedingly, greatly, particularly, remarkably, substantially, etc. examples: She is very intelligent. She is remarkably intelligent. She is highly intelligent. She is extremely intelligent. If you mean the adjective 'very,' some synonyms are exact, identical, precise. example: What bothered me most was the very answer she gave.

What are intelligent materials?

Intelligent, or smart, materials are materials which change based on external stimuli. For instance, they change color depending on voltage (like liquid crystal displays). Thermoelectric materials can convert temperature differences into electricity, or there are shape memory (and magnetic shape memory) alloys, etc.

Words that mean honorable?

Respected, trustworthy, etc.

What are some words that begin with the letter I and describe a person?

· idiotic · impartial · impolite · ignorant · illogical · impatient · incompetent · inconsiderate · independent · industrious · infantile · inquisitive · insightful · insolent · inspiring · intelligent · irreverent

Synonym for logical?

Analytical, intelligent, pertinent, etc.

What are words that have the prefix by?

There is no by- prefix. Perhaps what was mean was be-. Some words starting with this are because, belittle, berate, etc.

Who is a reasonable man?

A sensible person. Intelligent, fair, logical etc

What are good words to use that mean exellent?

Great, super, etc.