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magellens is Portugal

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Where did Giovanni Caboto planned his destination?

trade route to Asia

Was caboto planned destination Asia?

Yes! He thought he was going to Asia but when he got there he realized he discovered what is now Newfoundland. :) Glad I could help! Hope you do good on you report!

When did Giovanni Caboto change his name?

Giovanni Caboto changed his name when he came to England to work for the King and then he changed his name form Giovanni Caboto (Italian name) to John Cabot. (Known for the Caboto Club)

Where did Giovanni Caboto go on his voyages?

Giovanni Caboto went to you moms house

What years did Giovanni caboto explore?

Giovani Caboto exploration years were 1497

Did Giovanni caboto have a wife?

Yes, Giovanni Caboto had a wife. Her name was Mattea. :P

Where did Giovanni Caboto die?

Giovanni caboto (john Cabot) died in England 1499

Where is caboto from?


Was caboto a European or a Portuguese?

Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) was Italian. Italy is part of Europe.

Who sponsered Giovanni caboto?

The king of England sponsored Giovanni Caboto to sail to New France (Canada) and look for gold and riches. In this expedition Giovanni Caboto had a ship named "The Matthew".

Did Giovanni Caboto have any kids?

Yes, Caboto did have kids, he had three sons, Sancio, Sabastian, and Ludovico

When did Giovanni Caboto explore Canada?

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored the Canadian area in the year of 1497.

Giovanni caboto born and died?

Giovanni Caboto died on the year of 1498 and born the year of 1450 Genoa,Italy

What did Giovanni Caboto explore?

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored modern day Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in Canada.

What did john Cabot mom work for?

Natalie Caboto worked with her husband Guilo Caboto and they owned a spice trading company.

What was caboto home country?


How did Giovanni Caboto die?

Your mommy

When was Giovani Caboto born?


Did Giovanni Caboto Have Siblings?

yes he did

What was caboto expedition date?


Who thought they found China?


Contributions of Giovanni Caboto?

Giovanni Caboto biggest contribution was his founding of Canada. During his travels, he explored and originated Newfoundland, Canada in 1497.

Did Giovanni caboto have a father?

Everyone has a father.

Who did caboto married to?

a lady named mattea

What did Giovanni Caboto do in his lifetime?

he was exploring for routes