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Q: Cadillac 500 bearing cap torque specs?
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What is the torque sequence of your head bolts for a Cadillac 4.5 engine?

The torque specs for a Cadillac depend on which engine it has. For most 425, 572, 368, and 500 engines, the torque for the head bolts is 115 ft. pounds. The torque for the cam bolts is 25 ft. pounds, and the torque for the valve covers is 10 ft. pounds.

What are the Torque specs for polaris Indy 500?

45 ft/lb

What are the cylinder head and crankcase torque specifications for a 2003 Polaris Indy 500?

what are the cylinder head and crankcase torque specs. for a 2003 Polaris 500

What are the torque specs for 6bg1 engine Isuzu 6 cylinders?

Max Torque 500 lb. ft. @ 1800 RPM

What are the torque specs for a 1999 polaris sportsman 500?

The Polaris sportsman 500 was available in 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines. Therefore the specifications are listed separately.

What are torque specs for Chevy 350 big block?

First off, a 350, is a small block. And, if you are talking about the torque output of the motor, well, that depends upon how it is built, and, with what parts. Anwhere from 150 ft., lbs., to 500. If you are talking about the bolt torque specs, it varies from 35 ft., lbs., to 85, depending on which bolts you are talking about.

How much HP does an 1972 Cadillac 8.2 liter v8 have?

My Chilton book shows : 1972 Cadillac Eldorado , 500 cubic inch , 235 horsepower at 3800 RPM and 385 ft lbs torque at 2400 RPM

What engines are available in a 1968 Cadillac deville?

1968 is when Cadillac introduced its new 472 cu inch 8 cylinder 525 ft lbs torque engine. In 1969 a larger 500 cu inch version was available. It was the only engine Cadillac offered from 1968 to 1972.

Will the transmission for a 472 Cadillac mount up to a Cadillac 500 motor?


What is the head bolt torque specs for a Honda Foreman?

on a 2005 Honda foreman 500 hundred it is 22 ft-lb on the 8 mm bolt and 12 ft-lb on the 6 mm bolts

What is the torque of a 500 Newton force applied to a 30 meters wrench?

What is the torque of a 500 Newton force applied to a 30 meters wrench?

How much horsepower dose 500 CI engine have?

550 H.P. and 500 lbs of torque

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