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For student council I made posters and hung them around the school saying "Have a rockin year, vote for _____!" And I put old blank records on them. For the letters on the posters I used big sticker letters, and for the board I used big poster paper. Hand out candy, too. It will make people vote for you. Persuade your friends to wear stickers or pins, saying to vote for you. Have a good speech explaining how you want to help the school and the community. I have won two years in a row, so take this advice!

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Q: Campaign ideas for student council president?
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Ideas for running for fifth grade Student Council President?

Ok, so here it goes here are some ideas for a 5th grade running for president 1.put in what you would do good for the school 2.say something that the principal would like(something good) 3.say the speech confidently 4.dont persuade ppl to vote for you 5.give out flyers and candy,and all sorts of rift raft 6.tell ur crush or boyfriend to vote or you of course on your speech as much as you can,change words,edit and add more intresting facts! Sincerely So And So

Which president changed his ideas on civil service reform when he gained the presidency?

Chester A. Arthur

Who turns an idea into a bill?

In the United States, ideas from the US Senate or the House of Representatives, can result in the creation of a bill that its supporters hope will become laws. Often some ideas of the US President are shared with members of Congress, in order that the ideas may be turned into bills.

Can the President introduce a Bill?

It is not generally known, but any citizen including the president can present bills or ideas for bills to congress. It may not be easy, and ideas perceived as harebrained won't get far. If you are a US citizen then there are US senators and representatives who are there for you. Give them your ideas; that's what representation means. The president has an inside track and can find congress persons to sponsor and/or coauthor legislation that he is interested in, but that should not keep you from voicing your ideas.

The president of the US has too much power not enough power or the ideal amount of power?

The president may not have enough power. For instance, he still has to run most of his ideas through the other branches of government.

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What are some good ideas for a funny campaign video for student council vice president?

what do u call cheese that not urs?=nacho cheese i only got that one sorry :\

What roles are in Student Council and what do they do?

Common roles in Student Council include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Class Representatives. The President leads meetings and represents the student body, the Vice President supports the President and steps in when needed, the Secretary keeps records and communications, the Treasurer manages the budget, and Class Representatives gather feedback and ideas from their peers.

What are some ideas to start a student election campaign?

My daughter is running for her 8th grade student council secretary cabinet. I am seeking clever suggestions on "election favors" (i.e. buttons, stickers, etc).

What is a good speech for student council in 5th grade?

For a 5th grade student council speech, focus on introducing yourself, sharing why you want to be part of student council, and expressing your ideas for improving the school. Discuss how you will represent your classmates' voices and work to make positive changes. Keep it simple, genuine, and don't forget to include a catchy slogan or campaign promise!

What is the best way to impress someone to put you on the student council?

Impress them with your ideas.

What would it mean to be a member of the student council?

Being a member of the student council typically means representing the student body, participating in decision-making processes regarding school policies and activities, and being a voice for student concerns and ideas. It involves working collaboratively with other student council members and school staff to improve the school environment and enhance the student experience.

What can contribute to student council?

Students with strong leadership skills, clear communication abilities, innovative ideas, and a desire to represent and serve their peers can contribute effectively to a student council. Additionally, students who are dedicated, organized, and willing to collaborate with others can make valuable contributions to their school's student council.

What should I say to get support from students to get their vote for me as vice president of student council?

To get support from students for your vice president campaign, you can address common issues or concerns they may have, and highlight how you plan to address them if elected. Engage with students directly, listen to their ideas, and demonstrate your willingness to represent their voices effectively. Be genuine, approachable, and enthusiastic about making positive changes within the student community.

You are running for treasurer for your student council and you need some creative and powerful ways to end your speech Any ideas?


How does rcl elections work?

In RCL elections, students typically nominate themselves as candidates for various positions within the Representative Council or Student Council. The candidates then campaign by sharing their ideas, goals, and qualifications with their classmates. Students then vote for their preferred candidate, and the candidate with the most votes for each position is elected to serve on the RCL.

What was Nixon's ad campaign like?

President Nixon was known for his creative campaign ideas. His campaigns have been videoed and saved online. These can be viewed on Hulu and also YouTube.

How can someone join the Birmingham City Council?

To become a member of Birmingham City Council you will first need to found out when elections are held by attending an open council meeting. Try to join a small committee of your city council, you can then form a campaign team and go door to door to share your ideas for being a council member.