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Yes. Al Gore can still run for president of the United States.

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Q: Can Al Gore still run in this election for president?
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What does the Al Gore biography look like?

The Al Gore biography is a detailed account of the life and career of Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States. It covers his early life, his political career, his work on environmental issues, and his time in the Clinton administration. The biography also explores his run for president in 2000 and his post-political endeavors.

What does the biography of Al Gore look like?

Al Gore was born on March 31,1948 in Washington D.C.His father served as a senator.In 1970,Gore married Tipper Atchinson.In 1992,the Democratic party chose Bill Clinton to run for president.Gore was chosen to run for vice president.Clinton and Gore won the election.On January 20,1993,Gore was sworn in as vice president.In 1996,Gore was easily re-elected vice president.On January 20,1997,Gore was sworn in as vice president for the second time.In 2000,the Democratic party chose Gore to run for president.Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut was selected as Gores running mate.In this election,Gore won the popular vote.A month after the election,Gore lost the election to George W.Bush.In 2007,Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.In 2010,Gore and his wife Tipper spilt apart.

Should al gore run for president in 2012?


Was Bill Clinton elected president in 2000?

Bill Clinton was not eligible to run in 2000 because he had already been elected President twice. George W. Bush won the election of 2000 over Al Gore.

Who did George W. Bush run aganinst for president?

al gore i think

When can you be president?

You can be president when there is an election. you should be maybe in your thirtys before you run.

Who did G W Bush run against 2000?

The Democratic Party's nominee for the U.S. Presidential Election of 1988 was Michael Dukakis, and his running mate was Geraldine Ferraro. The Democrats' nominee in 2000 was Vice President Al Gore, and his running mate was Joe Lieberman.

What year did Wallace run for president?

Wallace ran for President in the 1968 election

Will Al Gore run for President in 2008?

No, currently, the two candidates up for election in the United States of America are Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. However, there is nothing to rule out the very small possiblity of the new president falling before the end of 2008, and leaving a slot for a new president.

Can vice president run for president after being vice-president?

Yes, and many have done so. The most recent was Al Gore in 2000.

What year did bush and gore run for president?

George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential election defeating Albert Gore, Jr. In the 2000 presidential election George W. Bush received 271 (50.5%) electoral votes and Albert Gore, Jr. received 266 (49.5%) electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Gore 50,996,582 (50.3%) and Bush 50,456,062 (49.7%). Green Party candidate Ralph Nader won 2,882,955 popular votes. Nader did not receive any electoral votes. The result of the 2000 election was not determined until the official results in Florida were finalized. Florida cast its 25 electoral votes for George W. Bush in the 2000 election. The 2000 presidential election popular vote totals in Florida were George W. Bush 2,912,790, Al Gore 2,912,253 and Ralph Nader 97,488.

Who can run for an election?

That depends on things like the position someone is being elected for and the country the election is being run in, as they have different systems. Anyone in a class of a school could run for a class president election as there would be no restrictions, whereas there would be many requirements for someone to run for president of a country.