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yes Arceus can learn aura sphere because it is the god of pokemon. Also Arceus can learn 529 moves out of 559 moves

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Q: Can Arceus learn aura sphere
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Did your Riolu evolve but did not learn aura sphere?

yes. If your riolu evolves after level 37 it will not learn aura sphere. lucario learns aura sphere at lv 37

Does heatran learn aura sphere?


How do you get the aura sphere TM in Pokemon diamond?

You are not able to get Aura Sphere as a TM unless you hack. If you can't/do not want to hack then you will be still be able to get it the harder way. You can get any legendary (discluding Arceus) and level it up to level 100. When it gets to level 100 it will learn Aura Sphere. Lucario learns it at Level 34. Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina learn aura sphere at level 90.

How does riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon Diamond version?

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

What Level does Lucario learn Aura Sphere?

you can teach him aura sphere by ging to PWT near driftveil city and talk to this girl and she could make Lucario learn aura sphere.

Can Lucario learn aura spin?

If you mean Aura Sphere, then yes.

What level does Lucario learn aura sphere in diamond?

27 my lucario learnt aura sphere lv37

What moves does Lucario learn?

aura sphere

Does Riolu Learn Aura sphere?


Can medicham learn aura sphere?

No, it cannot.

What level does Mewtwo learn aura sphere in Pokemon black?

Mewtwo learns Aura Sphere at level 93.

What level does Lucario learn aura sphere in Pokemon black?

Lucario learns Aura Sphere at level 51.

Your Lucario is at level 36 but did NOT learn aura sphere what should you do?

Lucario learns aura sphere at level 37.

When does Lucario learn aura sphere?

level 36

Can Riolu learn Aura Sphere without evolving?


What moves can Lucario learn?

it can learn aura sphere at lvl 37

How do you teach aura sphere to riolu?

you have to evolve riolu into lucario then keep leveling up until you learn aura sphere.

Can riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

I'm afraid you can't. Only Lucario can learn aura sphere. Sorry!

What type of riolu learns aura sphere?

you need a modest natured riolu to learn aura sphere or you can use your action replay

What moves does Metagross learn on Pokemon Sapphire?

aura sphere

What level does Mewtwo learn aura sphere?

lv 100

What level does Palkia learn aura sphere?

level 90

When does Palkia and Dialga learn aura sphere?

on level 90

What level does mew learn aura sphere?

Lvl 100

Can Lucario learn Aura sphere at a different level?