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I am taking both of them together and I have not had any problems so far.

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Q: Can Citalopram and Clonazepam be taken safely together?
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Can you mix synthroid phentermine and clonazepam together safety?

can the use of 30mg duromine and 5mg clonazepam be taken safely togeter

Can citalopram and Xanax be taken together?

can citalopram and xanax be taken together?

Can phentermine and citalopram be taken together?

Type your answer here... how do phentermine and citalopram work together

Can seroquel 400Mg clonazepam 2Mg paroxetine 40Mg gabapentin 400Mg and suboxone be taken together safely?

i dont know but i sure would like to know about the clonazepam 2Mg and the gabapentin 400Mg myself...

Can you take clonazepam with hydrocodone?

Clonazepam and hydrocodone should NOT be taken together. The side effects of the drugs can be increased if they are.

Can clonazepam and carbamazepine be taken together?

yes they can be taken together as i take these both to control my epilepsy. hope this helps....

Can you take levothyroxine and clonazepam together at night?

Levothyroxine is given on empty stomach in the morning and clonazepam is given at night. So they can not be taken together at night.

Can clonazepam and alprazolam be taken together?

Ask your doctor about it, but I would not recommend it.

Can citalopram and Claritin be taken together?

There aren't commonly interactions between citalopram and Claritin, so it should be fine to take the two together. If you are in doubt, check with your pharmacist.

Can you take Prozac and clonazepam together?

Yes you can. According to my therapist they are perfectly safe taken together.

Can citalopram and keppra be taken together?

yes if your insane an want constipation and hostility

Can you take citalopram and naproxen together?

No there is a moderate interaction between the two and should never be taken together

What pain killers can you take with citalopram?

It is generally advised that citalopram and ultram are not taken together due to a potential risk for serotonin syndrome. I am not aware of any interactions with other pain relievers and citalopram.

What is the effect of citalopram and lamotrigine taken together?

According to my doctor, lamotrigine therapy prevents from there being a manic reaction to the citalopram which is frequent in some patients.

Can Cymbalta and clonazepam be taken together?

Of course. A better question starts with the word "should".

Can Valium and norco be taken together?

Valium and norco can be safely taken together without adverse effects.

Can Viagra and Ritalin be taken together safely?

of course!

Can clonazepam and 5-htp be taken together?

Yes they are safe to take together. They effect different neurotransmitters, the Clonazepam effects primarily gaba receptors while the 5-htp effects serotonin.

Can Zyrtec and methadone be taken together?

Yes, you can safely take the two together.

Can atenolol and Wellbutrin XL be taken safely together?


Can citalopram be taken with adderall xr?


Can you take Paxil and cloazepam?

Yes, Paxil and Clonazepam can be taken together. They work in different ways, however they both can cause drowsiness, additively together.

Can Wellbutrin be taken with Prozac and clonazepam?

my doctor currently has me on both wellburtin and clonazepam, not sure about Prozac but i believe that it is pretty similar to clonazepam

Can acetaminophen and ibuprofen be taken together?

They work in different mechanisms and can safely be taken together. Limit the dose of acetaminophen to 4 grams/day.

What pain relievers can be taken while on Citalopram? look here it tells you