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Can I burn a DVD with a CD-rw drive?


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No, I don't think so. A CD-rw drive or a DVD-rw drive could not be used to burn DVD or CD.

A DVD burner program is needed to burn DVD. I use a DVD burner to burn my movies and video to DVD successfully.


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You can not view DVD's in a CDRW drive. You also can not burn DVD's with a CDRW drive. You must obtain a DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD ROM drive

A cdrw drive will allow you to both read and write cd's. A cdrw dvd-rom will allow you to read and write cd's, as well as play dvd's. This drive does NOT allow you to write dvd's.

Nothing. It will not be recognized.

it can be used to write rewritable cd's

yes my DVD drive can burn

32x is the fastest a dvd drive can burn.

I don't think so. A DVD burner is necessary to burn a DVD. DVD or CD-rw drive could not burn DVD. And if you use a CD burner to burn DVD, when you play it, you will discover that only the audio is available, you can't get the picture. More details in the link.

Yes, you can burn the Zumba DVD by first saving it in the drive of your computer. You can then use the suitable burning software to burn it on an empty DVD.

types of optical disc drive are: cd,dvd,blueray,cdr,cdrw,dvdrw,mp3,mp4

You need a dvd drive and a dvd burner connecting ur computer simultaneously if you want to burn from a DVD to a DVD. In addition, you need a DVD copy software.

you can burn the DVD as an image file or iso then copy it into your flash drive.

DVD-Burners are backward compatible. They can also be used to burn CD's. There have also been made a lot of varieties of DVD players that can burn CD's but not DVD's.

This is a very quick process depending on how fast your DVD drive can rip. First, find a blank DVD. Then you insert the blank DVD into your CD ROM drive. Then open the file or files you want to burn, highlight them, and hit burn to DVD.

They can be, but don't have to be. A DVD drive will play a DVD. A DVD burner will play and burn DVD's.

Yes, a DVD drive which has burning function, a blank DVD disc and a DVD burner software is needed to burn movie or video to DVD. But I don't think you can burn movie or video to DVD ROM. DVD ROM stands for read only memory. So you may burn your DVD on a DVD-r, DVD+r, DVd-rw or DVD+rw.

Most typically yes, it must be a DVDRW drive ( a writable drive)

well, it depends on what kind of softwear you had to burn your cd.

The purpose of a DVD drive is to read and write CD's and DVD's. If the drive also has rewriting capability, it can also burn CD's and DVD's.

Currently the fastest read speed of a dvd drive is 16x while the fastest burn speed of any dvd drive is currently 8x.

yes. Even though it's called a DVD drive, it's really just a CD-ROM with DVD features added.

You need to have a DVD burner and software installed to burn DVD. Select the files and put it on the DVD drive and then burn .Some of the Media players like Real player can do this if you have a DVD burner in your computer.

A DVD RW drive will read any sort of CD or DVD (except blue-ray but some might) and it will also burn to a writable or rewritable CD or DVD.

No. An ISO is simply an "image" of a DVD, and you will need a DVD burner in order to burn it. However there are software available such as PowerISO, that will create a "virtual" drive on your PC. This virtual drive can be loaded with any content, including an ISO file, tricking your PC into thinking that there is a DVD in that "virtual" drive with the said content

Yes. DVD-RW drives can write to both DVD-R (DVD Recordable) and DVD-RW (DVD Rewritable) discs.

A DVD RW drive can only burn to a DVD R DL disk if it is labeled as having that capability. If your drive has a DL label, it is dual-layer capable. If you still can't tell, you can download a free software called "VSO Inspector" to give you this information about your drive.

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