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Yes. The red coloring will not show up well because it will be significantly darkened by the black.

Bleaching your hair first would cause the read coloring to show more, but two coloring and bleach may leave your hair in need of repair, so purchase a shampoo/conditioner to match.

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Q: Can I dye my hair red if I had already dyed it black?
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A friend dyed his hair blue black he already had black hair and his hair hasn't changed HELP?

Try using a plain blue Manic Panic dye over the already dyed hair. That should add a blue sheen to it.

How do you dye black hair?

Buy a dye kit or have it dyed at a hair salon.

What color would black hair turn to if it was dyed blond?

if your hair is already black.... from experience.... if you try to dye it blonde it will turn orange or a dark red color... i had to dye my hair 3 times and now it is fried and back blonde.

Can you dye hair if it's already dyed?

yes you can depending on the condition of your hair and the tone. for example, if you dyed it black, you cant turn around a week later and dye it red, you would have to take the black out first then dye it the color you want. you should wait at least 1-2 weeks before coloring it again.

Why did miley dye her hair black?

she dyed her hair black because nick just broke up with her

What is a sentence of dye?

"Dye" I dyed my hair red. I am going to dye my hair today. Will you come with me to get my hair dyed? Would you like to get a dip dye? Dark dyed hair is very popular in the winter.

How do you change your hair color from dyed black to bleached blonde?

You have to bleach your hair, then dye it the blonde you want it.

How does a person with orange hair highlight her hair?

is your hair naturally black dyed blond or naturally orange? If it is naturally orange for for a red color glaze. if it is black dyed blonde turned orange, dye your hair black again... or not what ever.

Past participle tense of dye?

The past participle tense of "dye" is "dyed." For example, "I dyed my hair yesterday."

You have just dyed your hair from almost black to brown and it has turned copper what can you do?

Apply a brown hair dye without a lot of gold tones in it. You have enough gold tones in your hair already. Get a hair colour with some cooler tones in it.

What do you do if you want to dye your hair jet black when you have light brown hair with blonde highlights?

Just go to the salon and get it dyed.

What causes black dyed hair to turn green?

Bleaching you hair because black dye has alot of blue in it. Yellow and blue makes green.