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There are many home remedies available for wart removal such as Dr. Shoals. However, it is strongly recommended to have your mole examined by a licensed health care practitioner as moles can be a sign of cancer.

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Q: Can I get rid of a wart myself?
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What is a sentence for wart?

She has a wart on her arm.He couldn't stop looking at her wart.

Is it ok to put White-out on a wart Will it get rid of the wart?

No! Never put any un-prescriptive things on the wart. This only makes the wart worse. SEVERAL WAYS YOU CAN GET RID OF A WART: Peeing on them, freezing them, beetle-juice, or even getting them cut off. After-wards put duct-tape on the wart, it helps it die alone. Ask your doctor for help to get the wart off. DO NOT CUT THE WART YOURSELF!! This would cause a tumor in the foot or arm.

What would happen if you burnt a hand wart with a match?

It would hurt, you'd probably get a blister, but you are unlikely to get rid of the wart.

How do you get rid of a wart and ringworm in armpit?

See a doctor. You'll almost certainly need to see one for the ringworm anyway, and they can have a look at the wart at the same time.

Could you get rid of a wart by suffocating it?

yes put a lot of presure on it and it will go away

A small bump on the skin change one letter?

The real answer is wart

Is a wart a living thing?

Yes. A wart is a living thing Here is a tip for getting rid of it.... Put Duck tape around it because it breathes oxygen. No problem

How do you get rid of worts?

You can put duct tape on it. It sounds crazy,but duct tape suffucates the wart.

Does it hurt to get a wart on the sole of the foot frozen If so what is the best painless way to get rid of warts?

No it does not hurt.

How do you get rid of wart without wart remover?

If you have duct tape wrap a strip of it around the wart to suffocate it then you can sand it down with a nail filer, if it starts to hurt stop and put the duct tape back on. (repeat daily or it wont work).

What is the least painful way to get rid of a wart?

You should use Bazuka that veruca. It will disappear in 12 or 10 weeks.

How do you get rid of a planners wart?

With Urine. You can use your own or borrow some from a friendly dog or cat. Apply 2 or 3 times daily with a ball of cotton. After about 2 to 4 weeks the wart should be gone.