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Can I put a 99 V Star 650 gas tank on a V Star 1100?

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Will a gas tank from a 2003 v star fit a 1999?


How do you drain the gas tank on a Yamaha V star 650?

how do you drain the tank on a v star 650

What is the gas tank size for 2003 Yamaha 650 v star?

The gas tank size of a Yamaha 650 V Star is 4.2 gallons. It also has a reserve capacity of 0.8 gallon.

Where is the Carburetor on a Yamaha vstar 1100?

under the gas tank

Where is the fuel filter for Yamaha v-star 650?

left side below the gas tank, next to the fuel shut off.

Can you interchange 1982 honda nighthawk 450 gas tank for 650 gas tank?

no they will not interchange, the front mounts are different

Gas tank capacity 1982 650 Yamaha maxim?

my 1981 650 maxim has a 2.9 galon cap.

Where is the air filter in a 1986 Honda 1100 shadow?

under the gas tank

What is the gas tank size on a 2003 vstar 1100 custom?

2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 - Service manualTypeFuel tank capacity 17 L (4.49 gal.)Fuel reserve amount 4.5 L (1.18 gal.)Regular unleaded gasoline

How do you get to the carburetor on Yamaha v star classic 650?

Your carb is underneath the gas tank. A clymer manual is a good place to start in finding out how to perform maintenance on your bike

Does a gas tank from a 1982 Yamaha maxim fit a 1981 maxim 650?

yes exact fit if the 82 is also a 650

What kind of gas is best for my 2007 V-Star 1100?


1984 Honda CB650 Nighthawk what gas tank will interchange with this year's model?

For the CB 650, the same gas tank was used on all models from 1982 to 1985.

Where to put oil in a 2001 Honda xr 650 r?

In the frame in front of the gas tank.

How do you drain the gas tank on a Yamaha virago 1100?

Pull the hoses off the carbs, stick the ends in a gas can big enough to hold all the gas in the tank, and turn the fuel petcock to "reserve."

Is a gas tank on a v star 1100 custom the same as on a 1100 classic?

I think it is, the only major difference on the 2 models would be the front and rear fenders. And, of course, the Classic has considerably more chrome on it than the Custom, especially on the engine cases, which are "blacked out" on the Custom.

What is the gas tank size of a 1980 Yamaha maxim 650?

Haalay Menu v nahi Pataa..

What year model gas tanks will fit on a 02 Honda shadow 1100 Brave?

2002-2007 models have a similar gas tank.

How do you remove the gas tank on a 2009 Yamaha V Star 950?

How to remove gas tank on a 950cc 2011 yamaha

Should you use fuel additive carburetor cleaner on an 1100 Yamaha Virago?

You should top up your tank then add a bottle to the gas tank.

How do you fix my Yamaha v star 650 classic died due to not used in 5 months?

Charge your battery, Check your oil, clean your plugs and change your gas if you didn't put stabilizer in the tank

What is the gas mileage of a 2006 Yamaha v star 1100?

I am getting around 40 - 42 mpg.

Why would i have a gas smell on a 2007 V Star 650 motorcycles?

possible gas leak or not a good seal on the gas cap. hope this was helpfull, Beathalor

How many gallons of gas does 2004 Yamaha v-star 650 hold?

4.2 gallons

Will a gas tank from a 2000 V-Star 1100 custom fit the 2005 model?

Not sure your best bet would be to call Yamaha and ask. They should be able to tell you if it would mount up correctly..