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Can I use credit at gas pump without credit card?


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No. You have to use a credit or debit card or pay cash inside.

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in america, yes not sure about other countries.

Gas rebate credit cards typically offer up to 5% rebate at the gas pump. Some credit cards that offer the best rebates are BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card, Barclaycard Rewards Master card, Discover It card, and Chase Freedom Visa.

You can purchase anything would like using your gas credit card as long as it is from the station the card is issued for. You may earn "points" towards free product or receive gas at a discount if you use your gas credit card to pay for your transaction.

There are many websites online which offer the opportunity to get a business gas credit card. Websites like Sunoco and Nolo all offer this type of credit card.

Northern Michigan Carcareone credit card gas station locations.

It is not a secret that gas prices are on the rise. Carpooling, fuel efficient vehicles and simply driving less are all solutions that some have tried to save money on fuel. However, if sharing a ride or getting a new car just isn’t possible, a great way to save a little green on gas could be to apply for a gas credit card. These lines of credit issued by major fuel and credit card companies offer benefits such as cash back rebates, reduced fuel prices and other benefits that could help the average consumer cut down on fuel prices. Here are three of the best fuel credit cards out on the market and how to get them. 1) Discover Open Road Card: This fuel card provides a flexible option for consumers while still giving double cash back rewards on ALL gas stations and restaurants. Unlike many gas credit cards issued by many specific fuel companies, the Discover Open Road Card can be used to gain benefits anywhere, meaning it offers benefits to the cardholder on more purchases than just fuel. With no annual fee and a lower APR, this is one of the best gas credit cards out on the market today. 2) Shell Credit Card: The Shell credit card and the Shell Select credit card are two fuel cards that give the consumer payment flexibility and great rebates on fuel prices at any Shell location. This personal credit card gives the user access to lower prices at the pump and the Select credit card gives a whopping percent cash back on hotels and motels. This gas credit card is perfect for the traveling family and even the average consumer. 3) CITGO Card: CITGO offers four personal credit card options, with benefits ranging from instant hotel and gas discounts to basic credit card services. The CITGO card is perfect for the consumer that has a CITGO gas location near, and wants to have the benefits of a gas card without the high APR’s but still have flexible payment options. So apply today, and it maybe it won’t be so hard to fill up next time at the pump.

A lot of us started with a gas (automobile gas) credit card. Or a store credit card. Or if you have a bank account and can get a credit card as one of the products in the bundle in addition to a checkbook. There are credit card companies that will start you out with a very low credit limit (say $500). Beware of credit card issuers that have higher than typical interest rates -- they're enormous to begin with (because in effect every credit card is an unsecured loan) and when you're starting out they can be even higher still.

Shell gas stations offer a Shell rewards card. You apply for the Shell gasoline credit card and can recieve rewards and discounts at Shell gas stations. You can apply online or ask for an application in a Shell gas station.

Shell credit cards offer a range of discounts and offer for its users. If you use your Shell credit card at a Shell pump, you can save five cents for every gallon you buy.

yes you can if you have money on the card

Yes, gas credit cards provide extra bonuses that will provide extra mileage for your car. You'll end up saving more money using that credit card for gas with the small bonuses. When you have a credit card solely dedicated to gas it'll be worth it in the end.

There are many places where one could find information on gas rebate credit cards. One could check online sites such as credit card forum for information on this type of credit card.

You can purchase gas credit cards at places like grocery stores and inside of gas stations. You could also choose to go online, or use your actual credit or debit card.

Yes but it will use your whole giftcard amount! I had a $20 giftcard, not planning to use all of it at the pump, & it used the whole thing without confirming!

There are a number of reasons to have any type of rewards cards, but for a shell card the greatest advantage is to save money on your gas consumption. The cards will save you five cents per gallon of gas. That can really add up of the coarse of a year. Another good reason is you can pay at the pump.

Shell Gasoline credit card has the best rewards program. You only pay thirty nine cents a gallon of gas if you use the credit card. The interest rate is a little high but it is still cheaper than paying full price for gas.

Shell issues its own credit card for fuel purchases. You can normally get an application at your local shell gas station.

Basically all gas stations will accept gift cards from any major bank card, but unless the card has $75 in available credit you have to go to the clerk and present the card, specifying the amount to pre-authorize. When you pay at the pump it attempts to pre-authorize for $75.

It depends on the stores policy.

At walmart gas station, Murphy USA stations, and Sam's Club gas stations

It is often difficult for one to get credit card with no credit. Some banks offer MasterCard and Visa credit cards to those who are trying to establish a credit history. One can apply for these cards through a bank and see if there is an approval. If not one might wish to try to get a department store or gas company credit card to establish credit.

No. Circle K is a convenience store chain. Each gas station is affiliated with different gas providers. Look at the signs at your local gas station and see. Some are exclusive with Shell etc. Although Circle K corporate now has Easy Rewards, and Easy Pay. Easy Rewards is their Loyalty card to receive great discounts and earn rewards for dollars spent. Easy Pay works like a Credit Card at the pump, both have to be registered online when you get them to receive full benefits. The Easy Pay you connect a Debit card or checking account to and when it is used at the pumps or in the store you can use it like a credit card and it will debit from the connected checking accounts.

Get a gas credit card charge $300.00 a month and pay it in full every month.

The Chase Freedom card is a great choice for a gas credit card. In addition to the many rewards it offers such as a signup bonus and a rotating cash back program, it has a 3% average return on any amount spent on gas.

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