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Yes, I-10 starts in Jacksonville, Florida and ends at Santa Monica, CA. The distance is around 2800 miles.

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What overseas travel was used to finalize the Louisiana Purchase?


Is 'interstate' capitalized when used in a sentence?

It's capitalized when referring to a specific interstate (with the full name of it being used).

If an inmate is serving prison time in Texas how can the Interstate Compact Agreement be used to address offenses in California that have not been disposed of?

It cannot. A Texas State prisoner may request an interstate compact transfer to be supervised in California only after being paroled by Texas. While still a Texas inmate they will not be allowed to be transferred to California.

Do you need a passport to travel by plane from California to Arizona?

No, not as a US Citizen. A passport is used for international travel.

Who used Roman roads?

Everyone. Although, like our Interstate Highway system, built to simplify military transport they were used for both commercial and private travel.

What is the difference between a interstate highway and a state highway?

ones the interstate and ones the state Interstate is used to connect states and State highways are used to connect citys in the state

Where's wind power used?

Wind power can be used in an enviorment where there are alot of wind power, for example Northern California and Oregon are have great wind resources. -There is a large 'wind farm' just west of Palm Springs along Interstate 10 in Southern California.

Can Interstate 10 be used to travel from Texas to Florida?

Yes it can. i used to live in Florida. I10 goes all the way through the top of Fl to the far east in Jacksonville. look on an Atlas for more info

What were the civil defence objectives in constructing the interstate highway system?

The interstate highway system was designed to be used as military runways.

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Louisiana is not known as having uranium mines.

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Lewis and Clark trail, Oregon trail, California trail

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I used the greyhound in San Fernando, it cost about 40 dollars round trip.

Why are interstate compacts important?

Interstate compacts in the United States were first used by the American colonies to settle boundary disputes. After the American Revolution, states continued.

What US Interstate highway connects Atlanta Georgia with Aiken South Carolina?

Interstate-20 can be used as a connector between Aiken, SC and Atlanta, GA.

How long is the flight from Atlanta GA to Los Angeles California?

The flight will take 3h 52min. I used the travel calculator online (TravelMath).

How long is the flight from Austin Texas to Los Angeles California?

The flight will take 2h 27min. I used the travel calculator online (TravelMath).

How long is the flight from Atlanta GA to San Francisco California?

The flight will take 4h 17min. I used the travel calculator online (TravelMath).

Why is french spoken in Louisiana?

Louisiana used to be a French colony before it was bought by the United States.

Did Thomas Jefferson used the Elastic Clause to build an interstate bridge?


What font is used by Army?

Army currently uses the typeface "Interstate Bold".

How long is the flight from Auckland New Zealand to San Francisco California?

The flight will take 13h 2min. I used the travel calculator online (TravelMath).

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How do you use the word interstate in a sentence?

Interstate is a relatively new word for a highway system. It was first used for the new national highway system in the US." I got on the interstate at exit 10 and got off at exit 16."---As an adjective: Federal laws regulate interstatecommerce; state laws regulate intrastate commerce.As a noun: Take exit nine off the interstate and it's just a short distance from there.

How is nuclear energy used in Louisiana?

There are two reactors in Louisiana, see the NRC information linked below