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The short answer is yes. Any full language is capable of this.

You might want to look at the book "Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica", for some examples.

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Q: Can Mathematica be used for AI Programming?
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What programming languages are used in Artificial Intelligence?

It depends on the sub-field in AI. Lisp, was used from the very binning of AI. Python, C++ and Java are used mostly now.

What are a good programming languages for programming artificial intelligence systems?

LISP is designed for AI programming, give that a try.

Example of Fourth-generation programming language?


What programming language is best suited for ai?

ARDUINO or Assembly Language.

When was Principia Mathematica created?

Principia Mathematica was created in 1913.

What is Mathematica software used for?

If you studied math, engineering, or computers in high school and college then you most likely have heard of Mathematica software. Mathematica is a robust software program that can complete a multitude of functions. For example, you can use it to graph and understand complex Calculus problems or you can use Mathematica to model an engineering problem such as the New Orleans levee system. (Apparently they didn't use Mathematica software to test the strength of the levees!) Mathematica is not just any math and science software program. It can cover such a wide range of situations with different parameters and factors that it is an exciting piece of software. Mathematica is based on sets of algorithms that are unique in nature. Mathematica software was created by physicist Stephen Wolfram in 1988. It is used in many secondary schools, colleges, and universities around the nation. I have used it in my calculus, physics, and engineering classes.

How many pages does Fantasia Mathematica have?

Fantasia Mathematica has 298 pages.

Is AI being used on the iss?

the answer is yes

Which is best matlab programming or embedded C programming?

Really depends on what you're studying--matlab is good for implementing higher level concepts (AI, etc.)

How to write program for secant method in mathematica?

How to write a program for secant method by mathematica

Which subject was not covered in the Principia Mathematica?

Prinicipia Mathematica did not cover the rational basis for religion.

Websites for mathematica software free?

you can download free mathematica software from download dot com

When was Philosophiรฆ Naturalis Principia Mathematica created?

Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica was created in 1687.

Advantages of mathematica software?

-Easy to use mathematica even you are not a computer programmer -Friendly software -Depiction graphs -You can solve(or mathematica can solves) really difficult and time consuming function immediately!

What is Newton's definition of Principia Mathematica?

Principia Mathematica explained the law of gravity and laws of motion in mathematical terms.

What is programming software used for?

Programming software is used to write computer programs using one or more computer programming languages.

In what way is math used in computer programming?

in what way is math used in computer programming

What is the latin translation for mathematics?


Latin word for math?


How is tecnology used in agriculture?

ai is used in agr

In programming data read by programming is called?

Pascal language is used to read the programming data.

Why you need programming language?

Programming languages are used to code a program.

C A programming language widely used for systems programming?


What are some commonly used Programming Software programs?

A few of the many commonly used programming software programs are: Alice, which is used for programming 3D environments; Eclipse, used for Java; and Perl, for use with CPAN.

Where did Newton write principia mathematica?

In Cambridge