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no, you can't trade Pokemon from gold to leafgreen. But you can trade them from Pokemon XD from gamecube.

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Q: Can Pokemon Gold trade with Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Can you trade from Pokemon gold into Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can Pokemon Gold trade to Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can you trade Pokemon from gold to leafgreen?


Can you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen into Pokemon Gold?


Can you trade Pokemon between gold to LeafGreen?

Can u trade pokemon between gold version and leaf green

How do you transfer Pokemon from FireRed and LeafGreen versions to gold?

You can trade them through a link at the Pokemon trade center

Trading Pokemon gold to Pokemon ruby?

Impossible. But, you can trade from firered/leafgreen to ruby, or red to gold.

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

How do you get riakou in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Trade it over from gold, or silver version.

Could you get cydaquil in Pokemon sappair Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't, unless you trade from Pokemon Gold or Silver

Can you trade from pokemon leafgreen to Pokemon Yellow?

Sadly you can't. You can trade From Yellow to : Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver and Crystal. From LeafGreen you can trade to : FireRed, Ruby, Saphire and Emerald.

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sorry, but you can't. You can trade from LeafGreen to Pearl, but not back.

Can you link Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon gold?

No. Unfortunately you can only trade 3rd generation games with diamond and pearl.

How do you get cindaquil in pokemon leafgreen?

You can only trade it from another game: Gold, Silver, Crystal or Emerald.

How do you catch Squirtle in Pokemon gold?

you can't, you need to trade with a game that you can start with a squirtle (ie. Pokemon leafgreen, Pokemon firered)

What if you cant trade Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

HelloSorry to say but you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to leafgreen but you can migrate Pokemon from leafgreen to pearl via the pal park

Can you trade your Pokemon LeafGreen game for Pokemon Emerald game?

yes you can trade pokemon leafgreen pokemon to pokemon emerald version same as pokemon fire.

How do you get a feraligatr on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to trade

Where haunter will be trade in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can trade it to a friend.

Can you trade from Pokemon Gold and Silver to LeafGreen or Fire red?

No it's not possible. No method of trading where designed to trade between these games.

Where do the Pokemon you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen into ruby end up?

If you trade Pokemon between leafgreen and ruby ruby will have your leafgreen Pokemon and leafgreen will have the ruby Pokemon both in the party they will not be sent to the PC unless you personally walk to the PC and do so.

How do you get the Pokemon sunkern in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can you trade pokemon from silver to Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't :(

What Jhoto Pokemon can you get on LeafGreen?

You would have to trade the pokemon.

Can you get sizor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No but you can trade it with Pokemon FR

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Can you trade Pokemon between gold to LeafGreen?

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