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No, powdered sugar is a sweetening agent.

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What is sugar flour?

flour that is sugar Does this mean powdered sugar or flour that has been mixed with sugar?

Does flour powdered sugar or salt have wheat?

Flour does contain wheat, while powdered sugar and salt do not.

Can you subsitute powdered sugar for regular sugar?

Powdered sugar can be substituted for regular sugar in some recipes, but it will not work in all recipes.

Can you mix flour and sugar to make powder sugar?

No, powdered sugar is is just sugar finely ground.

Is there a difference between superfine sugar and powdered sugar?

Superfine sugar- or Bartender's sugar, is more course than powdered sugar. Superfine sugar is similar to castor sugar (and can substitute each other), but if I were to put it in order, Superfine would have the largest granules, and powdered sugar would have the smallest. Powdered sugar cannot be substituted with superfine sugar, or castor sugar, since it's too fine :3.

What is a fine powder used for making cakes called?

Caster sugarflouricing sugar / confectioners' sugar / powdered sugar

What is the conversion of powdered sugar to granulated sugar?

eHow (and confirmed by Domino) says 1c graunular sugar can be substituted for 1 3/4 c confectioner sugar, but comments say way too sweet and recommendations were made to not substitute in puddings/sauces as powdered sugar has a bit of cornstarch.

What ingredient makes water more dense salt sugar powdered laundry detergent baking soda flour or pepper?


Can you substitute 10x powdered sugar for 4x powdered sugar?

10 x sugar has corn starch in it so it has thickening properties that regular sugar does not. If you are in a pinch you could conceivably substitute but remove a table spoon of flour per cup of sugar from your recipe.

How much does powdered sugar cost?

powdered sugar gets more expensive as the amount in the bag gets bigger ; up to the biggest bag (like what flour comes in) its no more than $10 .

Can you use raw sugar in a cookie instead of caster sugar?

Caster sugar is similar to powdered or confectioner's sugar in the U.S. which may be substituted without problem. Raw sugar would need to be processed in a spice or coffee grinder or in a food processor until very fine and powdery before being substituted for caster sugar.

How can you separate powdered sugar?

you can't separate powdered sugar you can't separate powdered sugar

How do you make frosting without using flour?

Frosting is not made with flour; it is most often made with powdered (confectioners') sugar and shortening, or some other sugar that is caramelized then whipped to spreading consistency.

Can you use granulated sugar to replace powdered sugar when cooking?

Powdered sugar is a combination of sugar and cornstarch. Granulated sugar and powdered sugar is not interchangeable

Can oatmeal be substituted for flour?


In pavlova can you use rice flour instead of corn flour?

In a pavlova, or any baked good, flours are used as thickening agents and can therefore be substituted for one another. Rice flour can be substituted for corn flour and vice versa. All purpose flour can be substituted for rice flour or corn flour as well.

Can sugar beets be turned into powdered sugar?

Sugar beets can be turned into powdered sugar

How many cups of powdered sugar is in a box of powdered sugar?

There is 16oz or 4 cups in a box of powdered sugar.

What is in strassburger cookies?

Unsalted butter, sugar, powdered sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, cake flour and assorted jams for piping in the middle of the cookie.

Can you use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar?

Powdered sugar and regular sugar are actually the same thing. you can obtain powdered sugar by just grinding regular sugar. So yes, you can use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar!

Can cream of tartar be substituted for powdered alum?


Can you substitute powdered sugar for granulated sugar for hummingbird nectar?

No, powdered sugar is mixed with cornstarch,wheat flour, or calcium phosphate to improve its flowing ability, which are harmful to hummingbirds. However, industrial grades without these additives are available, but good luck finding them.

How do you say powdered sugar in German?

powdered sugar = Puderzucker

How many cups of powdered sugar are there in a box of powdered sugar?

there are 4 cups (16 oz) in a box of Powdered Sugar.

Is confection sugar powdered sugar?

Yes. Confectioner's sugar and powdered sugar are the same thing.

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