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Some weeds are safe and others are not. It would depend on the weeds in your particular area.

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What are two things that rabbits eat?

Rabbits feed on grass, forbs and leafy weeds.

What do rabbits eat and do they eat Producers?

Yes, rabbits eat Producers (like grass, weeds, and other vegetation); this makes rabbits Primary Consumers in the Food Chain.

Can rabbits only eat grass?

No, they can eat forbs, leafy weeds, and some fruits or vegetables.

What do forest rabbits eat?

They eat a diet rich in cellulose that includes leafy, green weeds and grass.

Do wild rabbits eat sunflower plants?

Wild rabbits do not really eat sunflower plants. They will eat sunflower seeds and other green weeds and various flowers.

Is it hard for rabbits to find carrots?

Not if there are vegetable gardens around. But rabbits don't eat just carrots, they eat a wide variety of vegetables and grasses and leafy weeds.

Should pet rabbits eat clovers?

They can eat clovers and a lots of other plants and weeds that may grow in your garden.

What do wild rabbit eat?

Rabbits are herbivores. Their diet includes grass, leafy weeds and forbs. Rabbits are known to eat in intervals with heavy grazing in the afternoon followed by selective feeding.

Do rabbits eat all vegetables?

yes they do especially carrots,lettuce they are herbivores so grass weeds you,know

What do stray rabbits eat?

Rabbits are herbivores which means they feed on plant life. They will eat clover, grass, and leafy weeds. They also will eat their own feces that are called caecotrophs. This is a behavior that is similar in function to chewing cud as cows and sheep do.

Is rice bad for a rabbit?

Yes, rice is bad for rabbits. Rabbits don't eat grains, seeds, nuts, etc. Rabbits eat hay (or, in the wild, grasses and twigs), leafy weeds and herbs, occasional vegetables and fruits, and pet rabbits also eat pellets. See the related question below for details and links about a healthy rabbit diet.

Do deer eat weeds?

Yes deers do eat weeds

What is a rabbit's preditor and prey?

Predators to a rabbit, is well, practically everything! And Rabbits are herbivorous, they only eat grass and weeds in the wild.

What eats leafy weeds?

Rabbits and cotton ratss

Do wild rabbits eat zucchini?

Yes, wild rabbits do eat zucchini and other vegetables, but it isn't a major part of their diet, it's like a treat to them. Mostly, wild rabbits eat grass, twigs, weeds, and dark leafy greens like lettuces, carrot tops, etc. Other vegetables, and fruits, are treats. People have offered zucchini to wild rabbits before and the rabbits have eaten the zucchini.

What weeds can rabbits not eat?

See the related link below for a list of plants, including weeds, that aren't safe for rabbits to eat. To be safe, it's best to stick to recommended plants and avoid ones that aren't known to be safe or dangerous. Certainly, avoid plants that are known to be dangerous! See related links/questions below for details.

What do Cottontail bunnies eat?

Cottontail rabbits (a wild American rabbit) eat similar things as all rabbits: wild grasses and weeds and such (and cultivated plots of veggies and herbs, when they can get to them).carrots, peas, cheese, and grapes... almost all small fruits

Can french lop rabbit's eat dandelion weeds?

yes! all rabbits can, just dont feed them too much or they will get a poorly tummy(diorrea)

Can you eat rabbits?

yes you can eat rabbits.

Do baby rabbits eat grass?

Wild baby rabbits eat grass, amongst other things that the adults are eating, too (like leafy green weeds, vegetables, herbs).Pet baby rabbits eat hay, primarily alfalfa hay (which is a legume, not a grass), and pellets.That's once they're weaned, of course (which is at around 5 or 6 weeks of age).

Food chain for slugs?

slugs eat lettuces thrushes eat slugs sparrowhawks eat thrushes rabbits eat lettuces foxes eat rabbits sparrowhawks eat rabbits rabbits eat grass

is it how much do your rabbits or rabbit's eat in one day?

it is rabbits

Can rabbits eat biscuits?

no rabbits can not eat buscuits

Can rabbits eat prunes?

Rabbits do not eat prunes.

Do rabbits eat weasels?

No. Weasels eat rabbits.

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