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Q: Can Sixth nerve palsy happen on both eyes?
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Does a fall increase chances of Bell's palsy?

The facial nerve controls most of the muscles in the face and parts of the ear. The facial nerve goes through a narrow gap of bone from the brain to the face. This nerve becomes inflamed. We are not completely certain what the cause of Bell's palsy is. However, experts believe it is most likely caused by a virus, usually the herpes virus, which inflames the nerve. The herpes virus is the one that also causes cold sores and genital herpes. Other viruses have also been linked to Bell's palsy, including the chickenpox and shingles viruses, which are both related to the herpes virus. The virus that causes mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr) as well as the cytomegalovirus have also been linked to Bell's palsy. Lyme disease in areas where it is endemic may be a principal cause of Bell's palsy type symptoms caused by bacteria. If the nerve is inflamed it will press against the cheekbone or may pinch in the tight corridor (narrow gap of bone) - this can result in damage to the protective covering of the nerve. If the protective covering of the nerve becomes damaged, the signals which are being sent from the brain to the muscles in the face may not be transmitted properly, leading to weakened or paralyzed facial muscles - Bell's palsy. trauma to the facial nerve may also result in bell's palsy.

What would happen if the ventral root of a spinal nerve were damaged?

Loss of both motor and sensory function

What is difference between facial and bell's palsy?

Facial palsy can be upper and lower motor neuron, while Bell's palsy is typically acute lower motor neuron paralysis, uni or bilateral. Usually idiopathic, but also can be associated with intermittent HSV reactivation. It is usually mononeuropathy compared to facial palsy may be associated with multiple cranial nerve involvement depending upon lesion.

Does cerebral palsy affect females or males?

Both - more common in males

How are echinoderms and chordates similar?

both have a nerve cord

Is vagus nerve a motor nerve?

its both motor and sensory

What are treatments for cerebral palsy?

A number of people with cerebral palsy, both children and adults, have found systematic relief and enhanced quality of life from a combination of alternative and complementary treatments

Is Neil Young's son Zeke autistic?

No, he and his brother Ben both have Cerebral Palsy.

Can a child have both cerebral palsy as well as Down syndrome?

Yes, it is possible to have Down Syndrome, a genetic abnormality, and cerebral palsy, a condition caused by oxygen deprivation during a difficult birth. Nothing prevents both of those from happening to the same person.

What nerve that contains fibers that both send and receive messages is called?

Sensory Nerve

What type of nerve fibers are found in the ventral ramus of a spinal nerve?

Both sensory and motor

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