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Hello,My daughter is 12yrs.old and has been dianosed with bi-poler,manic deppretion and im not a DR. but she has been taking zoloft 25mg. for about 6 mounths maybe a short time more and she is doing verry well i guess it depends on your age,weight,also what the doctor said is your dianouses. i hoped this help you.


As mentioned above, dosing does not closely correlate with efficacy without a comprehensive profile of the patient, including diagnosis, age, weight, and idiosyncratic physiology (which can often only be inferred from medicinal trial and error). Importantly, some patients do respond profoundly to small dosages, though an acclimation period of up to 2-3 months at a given dosage may be required before true effects can be discerned.

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Q: Can Zoloft be taken at 25 mg with good results?
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How long to be off 25 mg Zoloft to go to lexapro?

I am actually taking 25 mg of zoloft while still taking 5 mg of Lexapro...I am weaning off lexapro and getting the zoloft in my system so I don't have panic attacks while waiting for the zoloft to work.

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I'm taking 50mg of Zoloft and 20mg of Addreal xr. I feel like the adderall doesnt work anymore. Could it because I just started taking Zoloft?

Usually zoloft cause a little sedation, and has anti-anxiety properties. That might cause sleepiness, sedation, etc. Adderal, has got also serotoninergic activity, but in differents receptors. Ask to your doctor if is possible decreased zoloft to 25 mg, and it also can be taken at night.

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My psychiatrist recently put me on both, but only with the goal of switching me from one to the other (Lexapro to Zoloft). She called referred to it as 'crossing over' in that I was to systematically go from 20mg Lex down to 15mg and add 25mg of Zoloft for the first week. Then, 15mg Lex down to 10mg and increase Zoloft by 25mg to now 50mg. Her goal was to get me to 75mg Zoloft or 100mg, but I opted to remain at 50mg and will plan to drop to 25 or even 0mg for the summer. I am treated for SAD and some dysthymia.

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