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Can a 13 year old have wisdom teeth?


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Yes. Most people do not get their wisdom teeth (3rd molars) until they are in their late teens or early twenty's. However, some people's wisdom teeth erupt as early as age twelve. To be sure it is a wisdom tooth, check with your dentist.

Edit: Yup, I'm 13 and my wisdom teeth are growing in.

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The second permanent molars come in around the ages of 12-13. That will give you 28 teeth total, until your wisdom teeth come in

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Anything under 13 and over 21. It depends on your hormones. Make sure you have your tweleve year molars in before you think you may be getting your wisdom teeth!

Very possible, my bottom wisdom teeth started growing at age 9 but my top ones didn't start to grow in until I was about 13-14 years old.

Wisdom teeth appear when you are 17-20 years old but some people never get wisdom teeth 17-20 though I've just got mine and I am 13, my last two wisdom teeth are coming through at the back. I didn't notice I'd got them until I got a tooth ache and counted all my teeth incuding the ones coming through, I have 32

not everyones wisdom teeth come in at age thirteen just like how some peoples teeth fall out before others

When you are a teenager!! 13 and older sometimes or older!! :) =]

Its not that common but it does happen. I myself and my daughter got our wisdom teeth at 12/13 years old, the normal time to get them is 17/21 years of age but you can get them earlier or later than that.

nah, im 13 and my permanent teeth came in ages ago -.- :D x

About 13 to 14 years of age because you figure you get your 12 year old molers, you'll probably lose the rest of your teeth and your 12 year old molers in a year or two.

Depending on age, early 13 should be minimum 26 teeth, age 14, 28 teeth, and by 21, you should have wisdom teeth.

Well, I'm not even 13 and I have THREE wisdom teeth. I'm kinda wondering what's up. I think the amount of calcium I have every day might have something to do with it. I drink TONS of milk....

it depends. if you are a slow tooth loser than yes.

Yes it possible. I am 13 and all 4 of my wisdom teeth are almost fully through. In fact I am having them taken out tomorrow morning........:(

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Yes, 13.5 years is very early but still within the normal range for wisdom teeth eruption. (above--already written) OH MY GOD mine are coming in i think, and it hurts! im 13 1/2 exactly(:

You can't get braces on baby teeth. The girl would have to have her permanent teeth first (and should, by the age of 13). Needing braces is a matter of genetics and heredity. Some people have perfectly straight teeth naturally. Others (like me!) have needed braces. ~ T

I am 11 and i have my first wisdom tooth my other three havent grown yet. I looked every website for the youngest age so far i am the youngest to have a wisdom tooth. You can get wisdom teeth at most ages starting from about 8 upwards some people don't even get them im 13 and i have 2 wisdom teeth. Theey may start growing however and start again a few months later that's what happened with me.

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If it is a child between 7- 13 they ussally have 28. When they get older they will have 4 more Bcause of their wisdom teeth. 28 + 4 = 32 :-)

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