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yes....simple job

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โˆ™ 2006-04-02 04:31:25
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Q: Can a 305 carbuerated long block be installed and converted for a 87 g10 van that has a 305 TBI?
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Whats the difference between a Chevy long block oil filter and a short block oil filter?

Nothing at all. A long block is the complete engine. A short block is just the engine with no intake, exhaust, or accessories installed.

Is a long block a big block?

It could be if it is a big block but a "long block" means it includes the heads a short block does not.

What happens if head gaskets are installed upside down?

Nothing should happen as long as they were installed on the correct sides. Via left and right sides of the block and all water jacket and oil port holes lined up.

How much does a cast iron Chevy 350 long block weigh casting number 10243880?

A cast iron Chevy 350 long block with the casting number 10243880 weighs 410 pounds. The engine will way even more once the intake and accessories are installed.

What is the diff between a 460 long block and a 460 short block?

460 long block comes with heads... short block does not

The different between 350 Short block and long block?

The 350 short block has less power than a 350 long block.

Does the jeep grand Cherokee limited V8 have a long block or short block engine?

It has both. The difference between a long block and short block is whats on them. A short block is just that the Block with the pistons and crankshaft. A long block would be the short block with the heads and valve cover attached without any accessories attached.

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Does a short block and long block has the same crank shafts?

The crankshaft has nothing to do with a short are long block. A short block is everything but the heads and intake. A long block has the heads and intake all ready on it, Its the complete engine. You have to put the heads and intake on the short block yourself. That is the difference.

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Does a 350 long block have more power than a 350 small block?

They are both the same engines. You refer to a long block as being a compleat engine assy. 350 small block is what it means. It's a 350 and that is called a small block.

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How much does the engine cost for a 1996 Ford Probe?

2.0 marshal long block.............$2,529.79 2.5 marshal long block.............$2,584.79

When rebuilding an engine do it contain the long or short block?

It can be done either way, you can request a long (complete) or short block (minus heads).

What is the differences between long block short block?

Typically these terms refer to rebuilt engines. And two different ways of ordering them. The Long block comes with rebuilt heads already on the engine, the Short block comes without the heads on the engine.

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What's the difference between long block and big block?

A long block is a complete engine, the bottom part plus the heads. A big block usually refers to a large displacement North American (muscle car) engine of around 400 cu in.