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You could probably run it, but you'll never START it, even if you remove the safety interlock that makes sure it wont start unless the indoor air handler portion is already running.

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Q: Can a 4 ton central air conditioner run off a 30 amp breaker?
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Can you use a 20 amp breaker for window unit air conditioner?

A 20 amp breaker might actually be needed for the installation. It depends on the wattage and voltage of the window air conditioner.

What size amp breaker for a 220V air conditioner?

a 2p 20 amp should work fine for a single 220 air conditioner,

Can a 12000 BTU air conditioner run on 15 amp breaker?

A 12000 BTU air conditioner draws close to 15 amps. While it technically can run on a 15 amp breaker, you may want to use a smaller air conditioner to be on the safe side.

Is a 40 amp circuit breaker ok for a 30 amp air conditioner?

Yes. You should use 8 AWG wire from breaker to AC unit.

What amp breaker for 220volt air conditioner?

Look at the current rating on the AC unit. If under 16 Amps use a 20 A breaker and 12 AWG wire.

How big of a breaker do is needed for a 5000 btu air conditioner?

A 5 ton air conditioner will need a two pole 40 amp circuit breaker to supply 240 volts over a cable of #8 copper wires. Included in this cable will be a #12 bare ground wire.

Can you use a double pole 15 amp breaker in place of a 20 amp single pole breaker for a 12000 BTU air conditioner?

If the 12,000 BTU A/C only requires 20 amps to run then yes you can use the same 12 gauge wire but you cannot change it to a 15 amp breaker. You will need to install a 20 amp double pole breaker. If it requires more than 20 amps you will have to replace the wiring and breaker.

Is it possible to power a 30 amp RV air conditioner with a generator with only two 20 amp outlets by combining the two 20 amp outlets to produce one 30 amp?

No, you need a 30 amp breaker (whether that's from a generator or not it doesn't matter) with the proper voltage.

Can you use a time delay fuse in your central air conditioner of the same amp rating?

Yes, and you should use a time delay fuse.

Why would a higher amp breaker trip before a lower amp breaker?

Need more information. It doesn't seem rationale that they are protecting the same circuit unless you are substituting one for the other for a test. A unit like an air conditioner may have multiple breakers and a higher value breaker may trip because the load it is connected to is drawing current in excess of the rating of breaker.

Should a window air conditioner trip a 15 amp ground fault circuit breaker when the compressor cycles on?

You need to find the rating label on the unit. It would not be unusual for this to happen. I expect you need a 20 amp circuit.

Can you run an 110v air conditioner continuous that draws 7.5 amps off of 14 gauge wire with 15 amp breaker?

Yes, when you plug the air conditioner in to an ordinary house receptacle this is the configuration that exists. Just make sure that additional loads on that same circuit are not any more that 7.5 amps or the circuit breaker will trip. For air conditioners it is best to have a dedicated circuit right back to the distribution panel. This means that there can be only one appliance, the air conditioner, on that specific circuit.