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Q: Can a 9 year old boy wear a bikini?
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Can a 13 year old boy wear a thong bikini?

if you want... nobody can stop you...

Can a 92 year old lady wear a bikini?

no because her skin gets rough and it does not look good when she wears a bikini when she is 92 years old

You are a 56kg girl who is 5'2'' can you wear a bikini and you have a flat tummy too?

anyone can wear a bikini.... if you are 13 dont wear something a 25 year old would wear. Be age appropriate not skanky looking

What girls underwear is the best for a 12 year old boy to wear boy shorts thongs bikini or hipster?

For a 12 year old boy, it would be most appropriate to wear boy shorts or briefs designed for boys, as they typically provide the best support and comfort for male anatomy. It's important to choose underwear that is designed for your assigned gender at birth to ensure proper fit and function.

Should you let your twelve year old wear a bikini?

Yes as long as it covers them up.

Why is miss fiori bikini not suitable for children under the age of 14 to wear it?

because too inappropriate for 14 year old's and younger cause shows of nudity and play boy...

Should I a 5'1 16 year old with 38D and a large tummy wear a bikini?

If you are confident with yourself (which you should be) then you should absolutely wear the bikini!!! Only wear it if you think you look good and you want to wear it, not to impress anyone else. Everyone has a beautiful body, and I'm sure you can find a bikini that makes you look and feel sexy.

What should a ten year old boy wear?


How old does a girl have to be to wear a bikini in public?

she can be any age

Which girls underwear is best for 12 year old boy thong g string bikini or hipster?

For a 12-year-old boy, none of these options would be appropriate as they are typically designed for girls. It's important for children to wear underwear that is comfortable and supportive, such as briefs or boxers. It's best to choose underwear that is age-appropriate and provides proper coverage and support for their developing bodies.

Should 10 year old girls wear a thong to impress a boy?

Of course not. 10 year old girls shouldn't do ANYTHING to impress a boy.

What size shirt does a 7 year old boy wear?

Should wear 7/8 or meduim