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Can a Betta fish eat blood worms?


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Yes it can. That's what is eats in the wild. I heard bloodworms are mosquito larvae.

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Betta pellets or blood worms.

Betta fish can eat brine shrimp, blood worms, and regular tropical fish food. Most of the time, they can be found at your local pet store.

no they eat freeze dried blood worms,live food,or Betta food bought from a store.

Yes they do. In fact they love them!

no... they eat blood worms[dried] or small baby ghost shrimp

They can eat fish fry, brine shrimp, white worms, daphnia, cyclops, glass worms, small earth worms and almost any finely chopped meat. There are also Betta pellets available at good pet shops.

Betta fish can eat most kinds of worms that are available for aquariums, or small enough to fit in its mouth. White worms, black worms and bloodworms are best.

a beta fish can eat bloodworms also. but if you dont want to just use the fish food, but everynow and then give them blood worms

enything its a teenager it will eat flake food live blood worms brine shrimp ts teenager

They eat :special pellets, flakes, bloodworms, black worms and brineshrinp

Betta fish do not eat fish.

Yes , female Betta's eat blood worms , cutting the worms into smaller pieces allows them to be taken easily. Live or fresh foods are a good way to condition fish for mating.

Betta fish do not eat other fish.

they can eat food from the pet store or you can buy them blood worms The best thing for a Betta fish is the pellets made especially for them, they promote good health and vibrant color.

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No, they cannot eat slugs. Betta fish are 1-3 inches long and could not possibly eat a slug. Betta fish eat their prey whole, and their diet usually consists of blood worms, tiny insects, tiny insect larvae and other freshwater small invertebrates. And by small here, I mean a few millimeters or less, they could not eat something that is their size or larger such as a slug

Of course fish eat! why do you think they sell fish food, and blood worms etc

Fish Food, Fish Flakes, dried Blood Worms

yes but you will need to cut them up in small pieces first.

any type ant .mosquitos .crickets .larvae .worms

NO!!!!! They should not eat betta fish...but if your cat has then call a vet, and don't get anymore betta Fish!

Live brine shrimp and blood worms are good. They can also substitute for the usual food you give your fish. They love live food but, DO NOT EXEED THE AMOUNT THAT YOUR FISH CAN EAT IN FIVE MINUTES.

Betta Fish are carnivores and should not be fed veggies. They should eat pellets made specifically for them. (I use Betta Bites). Also never feed them flakes! Their upturned mouths make it hard to eat them. Also onece in a while you can treed them to freeze-dried blood worms!

mollys are very anti-aggresive.. by them normal fish food. and blood worms..but only feed them the blood worms once a week or maybe twice.. as a treat :)

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