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Yes if the A 5 is a Magnum.

Magnum versions are able to fire 3 inch cartridges.

Browning makes shotguns in both 2 3/4 inch, and 3 inch chamberings, or did the last time I looked at a catalog. Clearly, using 3 inch shells in a gun chambered for the 2 3/4 inch shells is not a good idea. If you must use the 3 inch magnums, get an A5 chambered and built for them.

Fabrique Nationale first started making the 12 gauge 3" Magnum A5s in 1958 and stopped in 1976. The 20ga mag was not introduced in the US until 1967. After Feburary 1976 A5 Magnums were made by Browning/Miroku in Japan. This production ended in 1998.

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Q: Can a Browning A-5 shoot 3-inch shells?
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