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Since practically the main function of Notaries is to certify and guarantee signatures, yes, they may notarize any documents requiring a signature.

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Q: Can a California notary notarize deeds and sale of real estate documents?
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Can a notary notary a document in California?

This is not a complete can not be answered. one does not "notary a document" they Notarize documents.

Can a Georgia state notary notarize a Will?

That is what a notary does. The notarize signatures for wills and other legal documents.

Can a Notary in California notarize Utah documents?

If the actual signing of the Utah documents is taking place in the state of California, then a California Notary canwitness the signatures. A California NOTARY cannot witness signatures ANYWHERE else other than WITHIN their state.

Can a notary from New York notarize documents from Connecticut?

can a ny notary notarize my dmv title form in ct

Can a notary that's also a lawyer notarize their own documents?

Yes, they can notarize documents they prepare for their clients.

Can a notary notarize an out of state document?

Notaries don't notarize documents. They notarize signatures. So long as the signature occurs in the presence of the notary in the state by which the notary is licensed, they may notarize the signature.

Can you notarize your ex-husband's signature?

Only an active notary is qualified to notarize signatures. However, assuming that you are a notary, you cannot notarize documents in which you have an interest.

Can a notary sign their own documents in the notary place?

Notaries cannot notarize documents in which they have a stake. If the notary is one of the parties listed on a legal document or incurs a gain as a result of execution of the document, the notary cannot notarize it.

Can a notary public notarize a family member's document in Virginia?

A notary can notarize a family members documents. The notary has to be aware that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Can banks notarize documents?

Only a Notary can notarize a document. Many bank employees are and will notarize for free.

Can a notary notarize a power of attorney?

That's the purpose of being a notary. They notarize documents verifying that the individual actually signed it in front of them. And they validate that they are who they said they are. Yes a notary will notarize a Power of Attorney.

Is a notary legally able to notarize their own documents?


Can a notary public in Alabama notarize their own documents?


Can a notary public notarize documents for friends?


Can a West Virginia notary notarize an Ohio Durable Power of Attorney papers?

The authority to notarize is granted by the state. If the documents are signed in West Virginia, the notary can notarize them.

Can a NJ notary public notarize a document in Pennsylvania?

No a New Jersey notary public can only notarize documents in New Jersey. If you are in Pennsylvania you must use a notary from there.

How much do notaries charge to notarize documents in New Jersey?

Notaries do not notarize documents. They notarize signatures. The cost depends on the particular notary.

Can a notary in ill notarize a document for a parent?

The function of a notary it to notarize (witness the signature on the document is indeed that of the person signing the document) documents.

If a Pennsylvania notary is employee at a bank can he notarized for that bank not personally benefit?

That is the purpose of having a notary in the bank. They can notarize documents that require it for the company. They can also notarize documents for customers when required.

Can a Notary Public notarize a family member's documents?

Many states prohibit notary publics from notarizing the signature of intermediate family members. The safest practice is to have a non-related notary public notarize family members' documents.

Can an Ohio notary notarize documents in other states?

If signing in Ohio and the document signer is from Ohio with the proper ID and the documents acknowledge the Ohio location and signer, the notary really doesn't care where the documents go afterward. An Ohio notary can only notarize in Ohio.

Can a MD Notary notarize in California?

No. Notaries can only notarize in the state in which they reside.

Can a notary public notarize documents in another state?

No, they cannot.

Who is official authority to notarize a document in Arizona?

The person who may notarize documents is known as a notary public.

Can a Pennsylvania notary Notarize an article of agreement in West Virginia for a West Virginia property?

Notaries do not notarize documents. They notarize signatures, and they are only permitted in the state by which they are licensed. It does not matter what the document is. If the document is signed in Pennsylvania in the presence of a Pennsylvania notary, that notary can notarize the signature. If the document is signed in any other state, or outside of the presence of the notary, the notary cannot notarize the signature.