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Ok... if you have an ectopic pregnancy, it is possible that a home pregnancy test (any brand) shows positive [when a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, it does NOT always show as positive]. It did show positive in my case. BUT, it will NOT tell you you have an ectopic pregnancy. What you feel physically will tell you if you have an ectopic pregnancy; bleeding (different degrees), abdominal pain (severe to light), dizziness, rushing to the toilet (diarrhoea...) feeling faint or even fainting (then, it is an emergency of higher priority [tube ruptured and abdominal internal bleeding], irregular heart beats (palpitations), hot flushes, etc. The symptoms might start showing weeks after becoming pregnant.

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Q: Can a Clear Blue home pregnancy test detect an ectopic pregnancy?
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Clear blue pregnancy test can tell almost straightaway, and you can buy them almost anywhere. Hope this helps :-)

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How accurate is a clear blue pregnancy test and is clear blue known for false negatives?

clear Blue is a fairly accurate test as it measures quite a small amount of the pregnancy hormone. any pregnancy test can give a false negative if done too early. But as it measures a small amount of hormone it should give very few after a missed period.

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