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--Actually, Yes they can. Taken directly from the USDA website: 13. Can I use my electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card in another state?

Yes, all EBT cards can be used in all States. You can find more answers here:

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Q: Can a Florida issued food stamp card be used out of the state if the person is a Florida resident but traveling?
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Can a tn issued food stamp card be used out of the state if the person is a tn resident but traveling?

If you need assistance buying food, where did the money come from for Travel? Are you kidding me.

Can an 18 year old move from Pennsylvania to Florida if said person is a Florida resident?

An 18 year old who is an American citizen can move where ever in the United States they like. That aside, a person cannot "move to" Florida if they are a Florida resident... You have to live in Florida (or any other state) in order to be a "resident" of that state.

Can a person be a notary in Florida and SC?

No because to be a notary you need to be a resident of that particular state.

Does the Florida life estate expire if the beneficiary is no longer a resident of Florida?

The location of the person with the life estate does not matter. They can live anywhere they wish.

As an active duty person stationed in Florida am I required to get a Florida drivers license?

By federal law, a Military issued drivers license is 'supposed' to be accepted by the states when that active duty person is stationed there. That does not mean that Florida will do it, but they are supposed to.

Can you become a Florida resident when you reside there 4 months out of the year?

Maybe. Florida courts assess whether a person is a resident of the state by looking at several factors, for instance does the person(s) own property in the state, have a Florida driver license, uses a Florida address for business and/or personal correspondence, is a registered voter, and so forth. Persons wishing to become a resident should contact the office of the clerk of circuit court in the county in which they hold property to obtain information on elgibility requirements for filing a declaration of domicile.

Can a person with an out of state learners permit drive in Florida?

Yes, subject to the restrictions both of the state which issued the permit, and the state of Florida, pertaining to learner's permits.

Which is correct residence or resident?

It depends on the context of the sentence. Residence is the place - resident is the person. A person can be a resident in a residence.

What identification do you need when traveling in the US?

A US Citizen needs to have a state issued photo ID with them. A foreign person needs to have their passport and visa with them.

With a search warrant drug related issued for a particular home can police drug test a non-resident visitor that was not named on the warrant?

if that person gives them consent they can.

How many countries can you travel using UN travel document?

A travel document issued by the country a person is traveling to that grants to that country

Can you get married in New Mexico if you are a Texas resident?

A person can get married in the state of New Mexico if they are a resident of Texas. There are no laws in New Mexico that state a person must be a resident.

How do you file for a divorce if your spouse is incarcerated in a Florida state prison?

The procedure is the same as if the person were not imprisoned. The petitioning spouse files in the court of venue in the county where he or she is a resident.

How long can uk resident stay abroad?

How long a UK resident can stay abroad is up to the country the person is visiting. For example, a UK resident can stay in the United States 3 months without a visa, and longer with one. Some countries will only allow him to stay there two weeks, and many countries require the UK resident to obtain a visa before traveling. The visa will specify how long he may stay.

What does yellow passport mean?

It is a go and return document valid for just one destination country. It is normally issued to stateless people resident in the issuing country. It's purpose is to establish that such a person will have a right to return to the country that issued it. They will not be rejected and returned to the country just visited.

It you got the us residency while married to a us citizen if divorced will you losse the residency?

It depends on the extent of time you have been a resident. If you are permanent resident, you will not lose your visa. However, if you are on a work permit issued due to marriage to a US Citizen or if you are on a temporary resident permit (this is given while awaiting the permanent card), these can be revoked and the person sent back to their country of origin

Where can a person find information on Florida holiday packages?

There are several options for finding holiday packages for Florida. Florida's tourism websites offers a lot of information. Other sites, such as Travelocity and Expedia do as well. One can also go to their local traveling agency as well.

If a person is called Dane where is the person from?

A Dane is a resident of Denmark.

Can anyone sign a blank travellers cheque?

No. The travellers cheques can be signed only by the person to whom it was issued to. When a travellers cheque is issued, the name of the person to whom it is issued is recorded. Hence it can be cashed only by the person to whom it was issued and no body else. No one else can sign the cheque except that person.

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